Decided to sell all my steel shot and move to bismuth and tungsten for duck and goose hunting so selling these. Im in thorndale, work in Pottstown and get up to easton and emmaus fairly often and cabelas. Ftf only. Any questions shoot me a message. Will take $100 for it all.
12ga 3”

Herters 1.125oz #1s 25ct: $15

Herters 1.125oz #1s 15ct: $5

Kent 1.125oz #BB 32ct: $20

Kent 1.125oz #2 11ct: $5

Kent 1.375oz #4 25ct: $25

Kent 1.375oz #4 25ct: $25

Winchester drylock 1.375oz #BB 13ct: $5

Winchester blindside 1.375oz #BB 10ct: $10

F&S(fiocchi) 1.125oz #BB 22ct: $10

Federal black cloud 1.24oz #3s 16ct: $5

Rio blue steel 1.25oz #3s 12ct: $5

12 ga 2.75”

Kent 1.0625oz #2 12ct: $5

Winchester Blindside 1.25oz #5 11ct: $5

Winchester supersteel 1.25oz T shot 19ct: $10

12ga 3.5”

Kent 1.375oz #2 16ct: $15