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Hey guys, Just wanted to put this out there in case someone is looking for some pheasant hunting for the kid on 10/9, short drive in the 2E or 2D area, lonnger drive if you are outside that area, Punxy , Marion Center, Homer City, or Indiana.

Me, my son, and the labs will spending that weekend at my folks house near Punxy and hitting some of the stocked areas for birds with my Dad the "local guide".

Blueknob and his son will be joining us again this year, in the PM, but we certainly have room for more company IN FACT WE WANT IT!

Last year we got birds in the air all day long, and lots of them and let's just say the boys made sure we did not limit out and have to quit.
(no birds fell)

Really looking for a 12-13 year old newbie to birdhunting to blend in well with the other is alot of laughs, alot of birds and opportunites, and my dogs love hunting for kids. We want to share that day as much as possible while staying as safe as possible. There is a reason I am called rooster will see birds.

Send me a PM and once you say YES, I will give you more details.

BTW, we will be there on Monday the 11th as well,in the AM, as the kids and i both have it off.
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