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1 man Pontoon

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i see alot of ppl with kayak's and this and that .. BUT i have really bad back issues and had a helluva time getting in or should say on my sons yak . so i got a Colarado xt 1 man pontoon and honestly love it . i can mount a 30lb trolling motor on it also .
Anyone else got a pontoon and how do you like it
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A friend of mine has one of these and has had a lot of luck and fun using it. He paid less than 600 bucks minus the trolling motor which he brought afterwards.
He uses his in saltwater in the back bays but has transported it to the Delaware Bay and fished for stripers and weakfish in the spring and fall.
His is several seasons old and he did need to do some toutch-up on painted areas but no issues with the pontoons themselves.
Thing I thought nice about it was the safety orange would be highly viable from the air if he got caught up in the tide and the USCG had to locate him.

found this on You Tube, there are plenty of information on them there and they have a fairly high rating for the price.

There is another company called Sea Eagle that has been around for awhile seling blow ups too.

Good Luck
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