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Just thought I'd share this because a lot of people are beginning to get excited for our upcoming Spring Gobbler season.

A close friend of mine from Middle School and High School moved to Colorado a few years back. He was never involved in hunting or the outdoors growing up. About two years ago he expressed interest in hunting with me and my close friends.

This year, while he was home for the Thanksgiving holiday, I agreed to take him on a quick AM duck hunt Thanksgiving morning before heading to family functions. We did not light the world on fire, but his first duck hunt ever was a success.

After he expressed how much he appreciated and enjoyed our hunt, I began picking his brain a little bit about any property access that he would have out near where he lives in Colorado, public or private.

He spoke about somebody who he had befriended that was a large property owner, having about a 1500 acre ranch not far from where he lived. I recommeneded that he take certain measures to make sure that he solidified that friendship.

He sent me a message on Saturday letting me know that the landowner had offered to take him on his first ever Spring Turkey hunt and he would be heading out on Sunday morning.

First Turkey hunt ever, and he scores on this Rio. 8.25" Beard, 1.25" spurs, and he failed to weigh the bird.

This fired me up so I wanted to share it. Good luck!
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