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Had some harvester red crush rib sabots "smokeless" and knowing the cabelas hawken 50 has a big time loose spot at the breech, i thought these would load nicely. Very snug at the muzzle but once they hit that spot, POP. Im not sure whats up with investarms doing this do their barrels, i have a spare barrel that has the same thing.

90gr 3f Pyrodex P, 260gr Harvester Scorpion PT Gold, red crush rib, 50 yards.

First 3 shots were awesome! Shots 2 and 3 overlapping, first shot just a bit above them.

Sight adjustment, clack-boom! Big hang fire and shot impacted low. Reload, psh-boom, slight hang fire, reload, slight hang fire again. Not to bad a group even with the slight hang fires. Personally, if it were my gun, i'd wrap the barrel around a tree. This is the most unreliable percussion gun I have ever shot, even when loaded with 3f GOEX.

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