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08 bobcat is back.

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Potter co cat from 2008

Rug by Zanders Tax. Green lane, Pa
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nice was that cat a tom or female?
nice, congrats on the trophy
nice if you dont mind me asking whats a ball park $$ for the mount
very nice
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nice, thats the first cat ive seen on a rug and it looks awesome.
Great looking rug!!!
Was wondering on the $ as well. Guy wanted just as much for a 47# 'yote as he charged me for my 205# bear?!?!
It was 500 bucks, the same to mount it fully. I have seen some rough cat mounts and this one was small, (15 lbs). So I went with the sure thing in in the rug. I am happy with it, its different on the wall and dosent take up too much wall.
It was mounted by Mike Zander in Green Lane Pa.

Here she was whole. Frozen stiff.
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Looks great.
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