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    Looking for turkey hunting specific clothing. Mainly sweatshirt/shirt, pants/bibs. What are everyone's favorite or brands to stay away from?
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    Have any of you tried Mr. Kochenderfer’s calls? He’s from Perry County Pa. I just got introduced and I have to say some of the best sounding calls I’ve ever heard. He has a FB page: @Frank’sTurkeyCalls. This is the number I used to order mine: 717-320-2686.
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    Looking for some advice. New to hunting and trying to go fall turkey hunting. I’m from Bucks county area but noticed 5C and 5D don’t have fall turkey. Anyone know if the next closest and Good for beginner area? I have a two family private land lots up in Mansfield and Snow Shoe PA but don’t...
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    Dave Owens from the Pinhoti Project