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  1. Small Game Forum
    Hey guys, just want to say first that I hunt in Ohio and PA, most of my family is out in PA so I hunt there a lot, I just like posting all my hunting stories whether there from OH or PA, so enjoy! Got to Delaware wildlife area (central OH) about 8:30am on a cloudy Sunday morning. Met my old...
  2. Small Game Forum
    Did some sneaking around field edges for a few hours on a local gamelands. Squirrels are far between but plentiful where you can find them. The two larger squirrels were a quick double that walked out on the same limb. All head/neck shots. Looking to try some squirrel cakes I have seen people make.
  3. Small Game Forum
    Was wondering if anyone in York and Cumberland county sees or kills fox squirrels regularly? I was driving home from work a couple weeks ago and couldn't believe it when I saw a fox squirrel off the side of 81 not far before the Mechanicsburg exit. Also found one dead on the road near...
  4. Game Processing and Recipe Forum
    Since the PGC started squirrel season earlier I was able to get out with my kids and get a few. We got a couple grays, a black, and a fox squirrel. I made a braised squirrel chili. Let me know what you think
1-4 of 4 Results