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  1. General Hunting Forum
    I looked through the ATF's 9 page document on Pennsylvania's shotgun rules and only came away with three things: 1) a shotgun must be no less than 26" overall. 2) the shotgun barrel must not be less than 18". 3) you can only have 3 rounds in a shotgun to use for hunting this includes the...
  2. Small Game Forum
    I just went to my local mom and pop firearm store and he had exactly six boxes of 12 gauge target loads in size 8 suitable for dove or targets. I kid you not I just spent $16 on a box of 12 gauge target loads that should be no more than $7. And he is limiting to only two boxes per customer. Gone...
  3. Firearm Forum
    I've been wanting to get a .410 for a while for stalking squirrels during the new early season. Looking for recommendations for an affordable option in either single shot or pump (leaning toward single shot) that I'm not going to feel bad beating in the brush. If somebody is looking to sell one...
  4. Firearm Forum
    Ok so i acquired this single shot break over 12ga from a pawn shop and im cant seem to find any info on it by searching! On the barrel its stating The W.H.DAVENPORT FIRE ARMS Co.! Patent applied for. Looks to have a winchester stock pad and model seems to be 1802( marked in 2 spots) right behind...
1-4 of 6 Results