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  1. Small Game Forum
    Did some sneaking around field edges for a few hours on a local gamelands. Squirrels are far between but plentiful where you can find them. The two larger squirrels were a quick double that walked out on the same limb. All head/neck shots. Looking to try some squirrel cakes I have seen people make.
  2. Traditional Archery
    ok so i recently went squirrel hunting with a traditional recurve bow it has 40 lb draw weight so i just started bow hunting or even shoot a recurve bow at all but i do have a good grouping ok so i shot this 1 squirrel i got a gut shot but the squirrel didn't die instantly i want to know if its...
  3. Club Bulletin Board
    Hey Everyone, Just moved to Lehigh County and am looking to do some predator hunting. I'm new to PA and was wondering if there are any fur buyers in the area, within hour drive or so that buy fur in the round (un-skinned) or green. Any information would be great. Happy hunting!
  4. General Hunting Forum
    Really interested in learning how to hunt and want to pass it on to my kids one day