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  1. Club Bulletin Board
    Is anyone a member at the club? Is it a good club? I read you need a sponsor in good standing to join. Is that true?
  2. General Fishing Forum
    Now I understand that it’s illegal to be under the influence of alcohol as the operator of any vessel, but what are the legalities for other passanger on board? If on waters that don’t specify by rules & regulations alcohol possession/consumption can they drink on board while fishing? Also can...
  3. Bass and Crappie Forum
    I don't generally keep bass from public waters, and rarely from private (only when I'm asked to cull.) It's been years since I did anything with crappie. Brushing up, I was watching YouTube videos. Crappie seems to act like small bass -- cousins, after all. So, besides trying a downsize jig or...
1-3 of 3 Results