What this program is about, is YOU, the Sportsman. By keeping our sport clean from within, and making sure that others do the same. If you see someone breaking the Game Law, get as much information as possible. Note Who, What, When, Where, How, and sometimes Why, about the incident. License numbers are the best, but the more we have the better. Do Not take the matter into your own hands. We now have a new Toll-free Hot-line number for our new TIP Program (Turn-in-a-Poacher).
1-(888)-PGC-8001 (Violations Only)

SPORTWhen most people think of poaching, they think just deer poaching. Poaching is the taking of any wildlife illegally. Deer, bear, turkeys, rabbits, etc…

If your not sure about the Pennsylvania game law, just stop by your local sporting goods store and ask for a copy of the PA hunting digest, or call your local Regional Office. Report violations to your Local Regional Office right away. They will dispatch officers by radio so they can arrive as soon as possible, sometimes while the violation is still in progress. Do not leave a message at their homes, as they are usually not there to receive them. All information is kept confidential, but please leave your name and number, so they may contact you, if more information is needed.