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  1. Susquehanna River Basin Commission Enters Into $18,500 Settlement With Sunoco Mariner
  2. Pennsylvania governor under scrutiny for role in approving pipeline
  3. House Committee To Consider Bill To Compensate Landowners For Drilling Rights If DRBC
  4. We got an offer
  5. Any leasing ?
  6. 24-Inch Energy Transfer Partners Natural Gas Pipeline Put In Service Sept. 3 Explodes
  7. Penn State Extension Marcellus Shale Landowner Coalitions- Form, Function, Impact Web
  8. Public Utility Commission Partially Lifts Mariner East 2, 2x Pipeline Construction Sh
  9. Op-Ed: DCNR Shale Gas Monitoring Report Has Good Information, But Obfuscates Forest P
  10. Pennsylvania, environmentalists settle pipeline dispute
  11. DCNR Releases 2nd Monitoring Report On State Forest Shale Gas Drilling
  12. DEP Orders Well Operators to Plug 1,058 Abandoned Wells Statewide
  13. DCNR Gas Drilling Monitoring Report On Agenda For July 25 Conservation and Natural Re
  14. Senate Hearing On Pipeline Safety Points To Need To Hold Pipeline Companies Accountab
  15. Nature Conservancy, Pipeline Companies Collaborate On Recommendations To Reduce Envir
  16. Court reinstates lawsuit over fracking in Delaware River Basin
  17. PUC Unanimously Denies Request To Reverse Flow Of Buckeye Laurel Pipeline
  18. What would you do ?? What CAN be done ??
  19. Senate 1189
  20. DEP Levies Additional $355,000 Penalty Against Sunoco for Mariner East 2 Violations
  21. DEP Releases Data on Oil and Gas Well Structural Soundness
  22. Gas leases
  23. filing federal taxes
  24. DEP Suspends Mariner East 2 Construction Permits
  25. DEP Issues Civil Penalty to Cabot Oil and Gas for Violations at Numerous Well Sites i
  26. Social Security + Royalties
  27. DEP Releases Details of Mariner East 2 Oversight Ongoing investigations into existin
  28. DEP Launches Electronic 2016 Oil and Gas Annual Report to Improve Public Access to In
  29. DEP Approves Permits for Underground Injection Wells in Elk and Indiana Counties
  30. Gas Right Away Price
  31. New iPad App Makes DEP Oil and Gas Site Inspections More Efficient
  32. ADVISORY – FRIDAY – Department of Environmental Protection to Hold Webinar on 2016 La
  33. Pipeline help
  34. Rice Energy Subsidiaries Assessed Over $3.5 Million in Penalties for Well Pad and Pip
  35. New Regulations of Shale Drilling Take Effect
  36. 2014 Air Emissions Inventory for Unconventional Na
  37. PA Natural Gas Production Increased In 2015
  38. DEP Begins Technical Review of Pennsylvania Pipeli
  39. New Fracking Rules Suigned By Gov Wolf
  40. Atlantic Sunrise Pipeline
  41. Jury Finds Cabot Oil and Gas Negligent
  42. Draft Recommendation Pipeline Infrastructure
  43. Appointees to Pennsylvania Pipeline Infrastructur
  44. DEP Assesses $8.9 million Civil Penalty against Ra
  45. Governor Tom Wolf Creates Task Force on Pipeline I
  46. Governor¯s Natural Gas Severance Tax Proposal
  47. New Data Reveals Increase in Emissions from Natura
  48. DEP Extends Public Comment Period
  49. DEP Announces the Members of the Conventional Oil
  50. DEP Announces the Members of the Oil and Gas Techn
  51. Well, Barack Obama Wolf went and did it now....
  52. DEP Study Shows There is Little Potential for Radi
  53. DEP Announces $800,000 Settlement against Tennesse
  54. DEP Seeks $4.5 Million Penalty from EQT Production
  55. DEP Announces Consent Order and Agreement with Wil
  56. Gas Lease Information Wanted
  57. DCNR will seek public comment on draft development
  58. Fed's to Hold Gas New Pipeline Meetings
  59. New Oil and Gas Permit Fees togo Into EffectJune14
  60. The hypocrisy of the anti Frack on video
  61. sgl fracking and pipeline projects
  62. DEP News Release
  63. SGL benefits from leasing
  64. DCNR releases first report on monitoring
  65. DCNR releases first report on monitoring
  66. PA Gas: Not even Close to Full Developement
  67. Free Webinar: PA Gas Royalty Calulations
  68. Shale Impact Fees Hit Record Levels with $224.5 Mi
  69. DEP Releases Annual Natural Gas Drilling Emissions
  70. State inflates fracking-related jobs numbers
  71. EQB Extends Public Comment Period
  72. Environmental Quality Board Reminds the Public of
  73. Public Hearing on Proposed Oil and Gas Regulations
  74. Caught using foreign workers.
  75. DEP Launches New Interactive Online Oil and Gas
  76. Act 13 PA Sup Crt finds Parts Unconstitutional
  77. No royalty payment.
  78. interesting tidbit
  79. UPDATE DEP issues permit unleased land
  80. DEP Approves Permit on Unleased Property...
  81. Can Fracking Save the U.S. Economy?
  82. DEP’s Oil and Gas Program, Regulations Commended
  83. Well production drops by nearly half after 2 years
  84. Lease agreements in Bradford County...
  85. who knew?
  86. HB 1684 Guaranteed Minimum Royalty
  87. HB 1659 Post Production Royalty Deductions
  88. Chesapeake settles with PA owners in royalty suit
  89. Exxon Dumps 50,000 gallons of waste water in PA
  90. Frackers slash billions in payments to landowners
  91. PA: New Drilling Reg's???
  92. This cant be good.....
  93. Marcellus Shale Gas Production Rising Fast in PA
  94. Pa pipelines brief stretch in Del allows land grab
  95. one more study..
  96. Jesse White SW PA anti drilling state rep
  97. 3 Showings of FrackNation
  98. Chesapeake Energy dipping into royalties
  99. Court Ruling on corporations
  100. PA Gas Well Tax Collection Down
  101. Rendell takes heat over pro-fracking op-ed
  102. Even Slick Eddy Likes Fracking
  103. oil, gas, and mineral right search question
  104. Fracking accident in OK
  105. This title is weird based on the article
  106. DEP Releases Unconventional Drilling Emissions Inv
  107. water trucks shot at..... wrong info.. sorry!!
  108. Fracknation, finally!!!
  109. DEP Announces Final Air Quality Permit for Natural
  110. some things are not right
  111. Joining a co-op?? What are leases going for??
  112. FrackNation....who's watching?
  113. Yoko Ono Tours Well Sites
  114. going down....
  115. get ready folks!
  116. Gas Drilling contract info needed for SFL
  117. question for true american
  118. PA Lawmaker Challenges DEP...
  119. Water Hauling slowing down
  120. What have I been missing .....
  121. PA can afford drilling but not to save Mt Springs
  122. Feds still assessing Dimock water
  123. Bankers in Pa. assess impact of natural gas
  124. Chimera Energy develops fracking technique
  125. Pheasant stocking back up due to Marcellus shale
  126. Cabot, Dimock families near settlement
  127. Pennsylvania permit order threatens environment
  128. A fish commish lease
  129. Here you go gasland fans...
  130. Low gas prices drive drillers to Ohio
  131. Act 13 shot down
  132. EPA done with Dimock
  133. DEP Launches Long-Term Marcellus Shale Air Monitor
  134. Fracking Damage
  135. Interstate Pipeline Planned
  136. Protest halted
  137. Looks like Crawford County is warming up
  138. 4700 gallons hydrochloric acid spills Leroy Twnshp
  139. Bucks and Montco approve moratorium
  140. 3rd largest natural gas reserves on East Coast
  141. DEP Investigating Potential Shell Methane Migratio
  142. US DOE Testing
  143. Towns Sue Over Marcellus Shale law - In Court
  144. Water Out - Propane In For Fracking??
  145. Pennsylvania natural gas interests spent $1.3 mill
  146. Questions On SLG 36 Leasing??
  147. Vermont Bans Fracking
  148. So long GL 36
  149. Pipeline Coming to a Neighborhood Near You?
  150. Gas Driller Refuses Western Pa. Order to Stop
  151. Chesapeake CEO in Trouble?
  152. Dimock Water/ EPA...again
  153. Curious? Well site flame
  154. RIP Drilling Worker Crushed to Death in PA
  155. usgs on earthquakes
  156. Towns sue Pa. over Marcellus Shale law
  157. The gas rigs are gone in my part of Greene County
  158. Boom
  159. editorial
  160. why ?
  161. what's up doc?
  162. Nockamixon gas drilling proposal tests Act 13
  164. Shell Refinery to PA
  165. Another Dimock
  166. here it is
  167. 12 Ohio quakes blamed on gas-drilling wastewater
  168. The next phase
  169. filler up?
  170. the North Branch Land Trust has opened the door
  171. New Pipeline
  172. rolling stone article
  173. Psychological operations
  174. Paid for seismic testing?
  175. Rural loophole curbing Pa pipeline inspections
  176. Thanks! but no thanks
  177. name of member site re:gas activity
  178. Anyone have a pipeline put in on their property
  179. Gas companies cutting back
  180. Science Funding Slashed Under Corbett Administrati
  181. seismic testing
  182. Fracking Poll...
  183. EPA is going to start water deliveries to Dimock
  184. DEP says W.Va. quakes......
  185. the other side
  186. spill/leak was vandalism
  187. If EPA trucks water into Dimock - Who is paying?
  188. Dimock Supervisors under fire
  189. driller fined
  190. Another Ohio earthquake, fracking??
  191. EPA: Dimock water supplies 'merit further investga
  192. Anti's & Lies
  193. Energy giant hid behind shells in "land grab"
  194. Wyoming now has more smog than LA?
  195. More quakes near Ohio injection well
  196. Is this really safe?
  197. anyone read the sec form 10-k?
  198. Binghamton propsoing ban on fracking
  199. More Earthquakes.. this time Ohio
  200. Fracking... The untold story
  201. Interesting read
  202. "force majeure" clause
  203. EPA implicates fracking as a polution source
  204. more electric
  205. spill/dump on SGL
  206. scout your area !!
  207. royalties
  208. Earthquake in GB cause by fracking?
  209. Rex Energy drills first Utica Shale well in W. Pa.
  210. Yum
  211. Washington County Spill??
  212. hear that?
  213. Cabot "off the hook"
  214. Going rate for tully shale
  215. Corbett Releases Marcellus Plan / Policy
  216. one to watch!!!
  217. Your take on the gas companies??
  218. Does anyone know?
  219. pipe line ?
  220. The real story.....
  221. Economic Impact of Shale Development
  222. Lease it All !
  223. Energy Independence?? Depends how you look at it..
  224. New gas Lease??
  225. Gas well in my back yard
  226. ohio find
  227. Interesting Read
  228. marcellus gas companies
  229. Rising crime rates...
  230. Gov's. Marcellas gas comm. recommendations
  231. EPA questions need for gas line through Pa. forest
  232. Taxing Marcellus Natural Gas
  233. when you have the time
  234. something new in the works
  235. Sportsmen monitor gas drilling in Marcellus Shale
  236. Wrong?? could it be???
  237. Gas infrastructure
  238. Drilling Creating Jobs ?
  239. couple of impact articles
  240. EPA Admits Fracking Safe
  241. tainted drinking water near gas wells
  242. DCNR & Natural Areas?
  243. XTO
  244. Marcellus 101 - Basics Facts And Info
  245. PA DEP rubber stamps gas well permits
  246. water wells in bradford co.
  247. making market
  248. Got the Call I was waiting for.....
  249. Free Gas Royalty Owners Workshop- Dushore, PA
  250. Advice needed