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  1. Why racism accusations by the moronic democrats are not effective
  2. Chant
  3. Breaking News from Chicago P.D.
  4. FACE APP for smart phones
  5. new Democratic Ad................
  6. Women go to Washington to support gun rights
  7. Animal Abuse at PA Dairy Farm
  8. Pew Research Institute
  9. Girl steals sign...gets arrested
  10. Trump moves to end asylum for central Americans
  11. Are you weary of politics?
  12. The battle of dumb and dumber in progress
  13. More stupidity from AOC
  14. the brains behind Alexandria Cortez (AOC)
  15. musing about Democrats (Demonrats)
  16. Get ready
  17. Paul Harvey Warned Us
  18. Illegals can vote
  19. My solution to immigration
  20. So much winning
  21. Disaster of Socialized Medicine
  22. Betsey Ross Interview 240 Years Ago
  23. M stands for moronic TV stands for transvestites
  24. Iran's breeches are extortion
  25. Is this how you speak?
  26. Mass illegal invader roundups to take Place on Sunday
  27. New soccer role models for young girls
  28. I want my money back!
  29. Obama's Economic Recovery
  30. Majority of Americans say kick them out
  31. More and More Americans see the media as the enemy of the people
  32. Afrofuture fest
  33. I Wonder Where This Is Going
  34. Thoughts To Ponder
  35. Utah girl killed by Obama dreamer
  36. Law enforcement abuse
  37. The Truth About Democrats
  38. Nike's New Sneaker
  39. Dems Complain About The Parade
  40. Dems Complain About Legal Border Crossing
  41. Libs not fooling many Republicans
  42. Chicago mayor
  43. We hold these truths
  44. Death threats to an 8 yr. old!
  45. On a positive note......
  46. Navy Seal found not guilty
  47. Holocaust survivor rips Cortez
  48. Crapernick and Nike
  49. billionaire to donate for Trump`s re election
  50. Something To Think About
  51. The Fisherman / Maybe Some Truth To This
  52. Racism hurts Biden
  53. Google caught silencing conservatives
  54. Another winner!
  55. truth about the Muslim Brotherhood
  56. Ban them right now!!!
  57. latest democrat debate
  58. Political Office
  59. Rated "M" For MAGA
  60. 15 minutes into the bull crap fest.......
  61. Soon we will have lost our own country to illegals, thanks to Demoncrats
  62. Debates
  63. Unemployment continuing at record lows
  64. While The Demoncrats Fiddle!! We are overrun
  65. Illegals
  66. Hogg claims to have survived assassinations
  67. Biden says he will raise Middle Class taxes
  68. Bad or Good Decision?
  69. Debbie Wasserman Schultz
  70. A liberal dream..........
  71. It is coming next week
  72. Why The demonrats Need Illegal Aliens
  73. Terror Plot Thwarted in Pittsburgh
  74. Iran admits role in 9-11
  75. This is just wrong
  76. Build the wall, it is not just central America!
  77. Biden's Baggage
  78. Impeachment A Good Thing?
  79. On The Border
  80. New York Again
  81. Hurrah for Alabama
  82. A Joke....Kinda Sick But Funny
  83. Benghazi
  84. Hmmm, Could This Be Correct?
  85. I Was Thinking....How Come?
  86. Unearthing The Deep State
  87. Our Democrat friends want a $15 an hour minimum wage!
  88. California wants Felons to serve on Juries !!
  89. Happy Birthday!!!!!!
  90. Still winning :)
  91. Levity
  92. non citizens can vote in California
  93. Biden is a coward
  94. Trumps Tactics on North Korea
  95. NY wants to legalize prostitution
  96. Another Big Surprise, Not!
  97. ISIS planned to enter US through Mexico
  98. AOC wants a raise
  99. Adam Schiff a smart man
  100. who voted for this one ?
  101. must read scary story
  102. New Program
  103. Liberal Serial killer on loose
  104. Trump, Mexico reach deal..
  105. The plot just keeps on getting thicker
  106. Demorats doing all they can to stack the deck with illegals
  107. Wolf joins rally for gun violence awareness
  108. Judicial Watch
  109. Mueller's Report May be More Fake News?
  110. More Fake News From US Media
  111. More evidence that the FBI helped Hillary
  112. move to send Manafort to Rikers Island
  113. Why Stacey Abrams isn't Governor :)
  114. She Gets It!!
  115. Broward County Deputy Arrested
  116. Even in 1949 They Had The Dems Pegged
  117. common sense gun control....
  119. The Three Stooges!
  120. 319 Square Miles
  121. Political Cartoons
  122. Cortez is the biggest idiot in Congress
  123. Obama lying about U.S. in Brazil
  124. Supreme Court battle plans
  125. Representative's take on PGC Audit
  126. A Total Lack of Class
  127. Julian Assange is a victim of ‘psychological torture
  128. Who was wearing the bigger shoes?
  129. Trump says U.S. to impose 5 percent tariff on all Mexican goods
  130. Mueller investigates Trumps hair
  131. Mueller regurgitates what he already spewed
  132. Misleading and offensive video??
  133. Is Snopes reliable?
  134. The Haitcut / Political Humor
  135. Bill Who?
  136. partisan judges
  137. displaying the American Flag
  138. Ex Secret Service Agents spills the beans
  139. The Truth Was Out There All The Time
  140. So much for Mr. Isolationist
  141. FBI covering up Hillary's crimes and more
  142. Secret Republican Plan
  143. Bad News for CNN
  144. All on the line
  145. The Real Rotten Onion Revealed
  146. Just some of the criminal invaders and the treasonous officials protecting them
  147. Message from the NRA
  148. The Rotten Onion is Starting To Unpeel!!
  149. America going down the tubes
  150. Even Romney is smarter than Amash
  151. A Different Kind of Collusion
  152. The Hillary Uranium deal is not going away!
  153. John Walker Lindh
  154. Could Comey be hearing the footsteps of justice?
  155. Vote today
  156. Trump is NOT a King
  157. the 2A doesnt say everyone is entitled
  158. Mass Murder being ignored
  159. Philadelphia's Sugary Drinks Tax Goes Well For Working Philadelphians
  160. More Clinton Fantasy?
  161. Clinton's Tax Return
  162. America has the most stupid immigration laws in the entire world!
  163. Old Article on Obama & Russia / Real Collusion
  164. The shadows are beginning to lift
  165. Remember When
  166. Obama White house involved in Hillary e-mail cover up
  167. Rosenstein fires back at Comey
  168. Joke of the day?
  169. Obama is still hurting our country
  170. Pelosi is probably the 2nd most stupid person ever to disgrace Congress after AOC
  171. Immigration crime top offense in Federal Court last year
  172. Group Photo The Flunkies Who Are After Trump
  173. Why we need tariffs against China
  174. More On Biden
  175. Athiest protects kids tender ears from hearing God Bless America
  176. Collusion found..with evidence
  177. CNN has a problem
  178. Evidence against Trump !!
  179. For Conservative Eyes Only
  180. Dhimmitude
  181. D.C.'s July 4th bash
  182. why the dems are going crazy
  183. Bidens mentality
  184. Barr found in Contempt
  185. Wolf pardons...again
  186. More On Climate Change
  187. Why did Mueller hide the truth
  188. Wikipedia flags bio of PA attorney general and other elected officials
  189. The Bird Feeder
  190. Steele Dossier, FBI and Hillary
  191. Comey is in trouble and he knows it
  192. Headlines Vs. the truth in the story
  193. Presidential Pardon
  194. Senate Democrat poll...failed ?
  195. California: Not Good
  196. New York Times Article on Spying On Trump
  197. kids in Philly Muslim Society...we will kill
  198. Trump to declassify everything
  199. Democrat Convention
  200. This Is Sad
  201. Economy figures for April
  202. Collusion found...its true
  203. American businesses in Russia
  204. Resident Evil
  205. MRC care package...
  206. Democrats send in the Clowns
  207. Great Orators of the Democrat Party
  208. Democrats going after Trumps business records
  209. Old Tombstone in Kansas
  210. Nah, we don't need no stinking wall!!
  211. California Synagogue shooting, Democrats are INSANE
  212. Take real action
  213. FBI admits they found Clinton e-mails in the White house
  214. Trump just got us out of the UN small arms treaty
  215. Deep state going after Trump to protect Hillary
  216. How to Eliminate Democrats
  217. Could This Be The Beginning?
  218. Biden is in
  219. a brain transplant.......
  220. New Home Security Idea
  221. The democrats want to force the admission of men in female locker rooms and restrooms
  222. More evidence of the kind of trash invading our southern border
  223. Did Kerry violate the Logan act by meeting with Iran?
  224. Pocahontas Town Hall Meeting
  225. 8 Year Old Takes on AOC's GND
  226. I guess she thinks we care!
  227. I Support LGBT
  228. "God Bless America"
  229. Buttigieg wants reinstatement of SS gun ban
  230. CNN:Obama colluded with russia, not Trump
  231. Diyasub
  232. Photographic Proof of Obama and Putin Colluding
  233. Who do you think.....
  234. AG orders that not all detained invaders will be released
  235. Start preparing safe spaces......
  236. How was the party?
  237. Ohio Asks Feds to Designate Mexican Cartels as Foreign Terrorist Organizations
  238. FINALLY: A GOP Candidate...
  239. Can you be a millionaire socialist?
  240. These are the people Omar is defending and representing
  241. Tiger Woods
  242. More evidence of cover up scheme in Clinton e-mails
  243. NY Times admits there is an immigration Crisis, however
  244. Trump considers dumping all illegals in sanctuary city.
  245. A New Difinition Of A Socialist
  246. Spying on Trump was run out of the Obama white house.
  247. Julian Assange Arrested in London
  248. The Barr is open!!!
  249. Pa. Law Requiring Domestic Abusers To Give Up Their Guns
  250. Could there be charges :)