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  1. Loving it, the Demorats are starting to eat their own young
  2. Donald Trump To Serve Clemson Team McDonald’s, Wendy’s And Burger King
  3. New Sign At The Border
  4. Patient attacks on nurses
  5. IRS corruption and Trump's investigation
  6. Vets working without pay: Government shutdown leaves hundreds of thousands in the lur
  7. Points to ponder….
  8. Newcomer Rep. Andy Kim wastes no time co-sponsoring gun safety bill
  9. Maxine Again
  10. Demorats lying through their teeth, but we knew that
  11. Record attempted entries by terrorists at our southern border
  12. What they're thinking
  13. What a few face lifts can do.
  14. How?
  15. Walls Work / Well They Did Years Ago
  16. Fed Chairman Powell says he is 'very worried' about growing amount of U.S. debt
  17. These times are now . . . .
  18. Lois Lerner
  19. Another reason to just build it!
  20. Walls
  21. Undocumented Hunter
  22. Oops!
  23. 2018 Taxes
  24. More evidence that we need the wall!
  25. The Wall
  26. the last column...................
  27. Another telling picture of the demorat party
  28. Just build it!
  29. Barstool Economics
  30. Where is RBG ?
  31. Nancy the nut
  32. Now the real objectives of the Demorat party become cleat
  33. The Cost of imprisoning criminal illegals
  34. New Poll On Threats to Our Country
  35. The next two years
  36. This should get interesting real quick !
  37. There is Hope
  38. Clinton Campaign/FBI fix attempt
  39. Judicial strikes a blow for the Republic
  40. About Time,Term limits for all
  41. So Much Class
  42. Mob Rule
  43. Warren Announces Her Candidacy
  44. Know Your Parasites
  45. Demorat's stupidity coming home to roost
  46. Excellent rebuttal to so called "Social Justice" advocates
  47. AP, hypocrites!
  48. NC Senate over rides the Governor's veto of voter ID
  49. Elections from the living DEAD ?
  50. Nancy
  51. Accountability
  52. Minimum Wage Increases
  53. Here is a guy who thought it through......
  54. Unofficial joke of the day 1/1
  55. More insanity and racism from the leftist dumbocrats
  56. Ronil Singh
  57. Opinion Rhapsody
  58. Pocahontas
  59. Excellent Comparison
  60. do you miss the Clintons ?
  61. Not so happy a new year
  62. Is It Comedy?
  63. MUST WATCH this will sicken you
  64. Female veterans are shifting away from the GOP
  65. More Proof
  66. Real ID Anyone??
  67. Something is seriously wrong in this country
  68. The leftist nut cases are gathering
  69. Made me want to puke!
  70. Illegals
  71. Your governor
  72. Hundreds of illegals released!
  73. More mahem caused by liberals and their disobedience to law and order
  74. 2018 Brought A 'Tectonic Shift' In The Gun Control Movement, Advocates Say
  75. Another Obama policy dashed to bits
  76. First the Hag with what does it matter now and now Comey with who cares?
  77. Government shut down song
  78. Why Like Trump
  79. why hate trump
  80. Guess Who's Getting Coal For Christmas
  81. The 16 year plan to destroy America
  82. Unofficial joke of the day 12/21
  83. Wall Money
  84. Now , on to the Senate !
  85. fake news ?
  86. BY by Mad Dog.
  87. Donald Trump Tweets To ‘Fox & Friends’; Ties Syria Troop Pullout To Stymied Border Wa
  88. This could get interesting
  89. More proof liberalism is a mental illness
  90. For those who called Trump a liar and disbelieve criminals are invading our country
  91. Obama's drug running boondoggle may help Drug Lord's trial defense
  92. Trump calls out Sessions
  93. Republican opposition to Trump
  94. Trump Administration bans "bump stocks"
  95. More evidence the FBI colluded with the democrats to stop Trump
  96. Sure to be fine, upstanding citizens.....
  97. Well, color me shocked!
  98. The real reason for Mueller's investigation
  99. More liberal oppression
  100. Pelosi & McConnell face negative popularity #s
  101. Why is Google Supporting Radical Islam?
  102. They must get this done now
  103. Just one of the reasons not to allow the band of riff raff at our border into the US
  104. The arrogance of James Comey
  105. The $50G shakedown
  106. Terror Attack In France
  107. More lunacy and disrespect from the nut cases on the left
  108. That Moment....
  109. Who wants to bet they STILL walk free ?
  110. Hillary's Christmas disappointment
  111. I am tired...
  112. Finally it is acknowledged that the invasion was fomented by some within the US
  113. Yellow Vest in France?
  114. Wouldn't have guessed!
  115. My comprehensive immigration solution
  116. I thought it was just me...
  117. let's start a movenment !
  118. Non-citizen Welfare usage
  119. Perfect Example of Where the Left Is
  120. Its time to get angry
  121. Trump's "Fixer"!!
  122. More evidence of hypocrisy
  123. Bill Clinton Told Monica Lewinsky to lie
  124. Is this the political section or the Pro Trump section?
  125. what has HILLERY done
  126. Was Harry Truman Right?
  127. Happy Thanksgiving!
  128. Hillary R. Clinton Monument Donations
  129. The nut case loser in GA speaks, what a moron
  130. A Sign Of The Times
  131. Lock her up.
  132. Corporate welfare
  133. Clinton tour gets cancelled
  134. Post removed because of warning
  135. michelle
  136. New War in Europe?
  137. The Power of Words
  138. Anyone think this was a accident?
  139. Someting to Ponder / Catching Wild Pigs
  140. Presidents Veteran day
  141. Dems Not Wasting Time
  142. Acosta
  143. Michelle Obama
  144. Chris Christie being considered to replace Sessions as attorney general
  145. Ginsburg Hospitalized
  146. CHILDREN'S FUND REFERENDUM fails to pass
  147. Sessions Resigned!!
  148. Congratulations
  149. Armed Black Panthers rally for Abrams in Georgia
  150. The Donald and The Queen
  151. Political ads
  152. Day before mid terms JOTD
  153. November 6th 2018
  154. When you go to the polls next week....
  155. Democrats tell hunters they could lose their license for voting
  156. More fallout from the traitor Obama
  157. This kind of integrity isn't common
  158. Victory in Federal Court on Ohio's Voting Laws
  159. Democratic meltdown over SB3 Law
  160. Buenos Halloweenos
  161. Trump vs the 14th Amendment
  162. Caravan give generous officer from Mexico, they refused it
  163. Who's the Racist Now?
  164. Dick's Sued Over Ammo Deal
  165. people are so lame
  166. more swamp draining
  167. More on the Caravan of invaders
  168. Children rescued from smugglers in caravan
  169. A win for liberty
  170. "I'd like to be president"
  171. Maga
  172. Mueller Russian investigation a joke !
  173. Demoncrat voter fraud in Texas
  174. Terrible
  175. Shooting at Synagogue
  176. New Dumbocrat Political Ad
  177. Creepy Porn Lawyer in the jackpot.
  178. "Gone Too Far"?
  179. Trump Chuckles
  180. An Honest Democrat Campaign Ad
  181. If you think Mueller is an honorable man think again!
  182. Explosive devices sent to Obama and Clinton's ?
  183. Understanding Immigration
  184. The Demorats should get ready for disappointment, again
  185. It Takes A Leader
  186. Impeach Trump
  187. Campaign Signs
  188. US / Saudi Relations After Jamal Khashoggi Murder?
  189. Mad Maxine
  190. Got a chuckle out of this one
  191. The indictments have begun, more to follow
  192. Maga
  193. 4,000 + headed for the U.S.
  194. gender studies vs technical degrees
  195. Leftist training list
  196. Another Fine Example
  197. #Metoo (unless it involves my husband)
  198. Even Less of A Percentage
  199. oops Stormy looses
  200. Pocahontas, Lite
  201. Honest Don
  202. Prediction of things to come
  203. She Just Won't Go Away
  204. Jordan Peterson
  205. R.I. candidates for Gov. and AG. busted for weed!
  206. This is the democrat party
  207. Trump rally in Erie today
  208. Hitler Reacts To Failed Efforts To Further Delay Brett...
  209. She just Wants To Help
  210. America's Top Diplomat
  211. The payoff
  212. California illegal voters . SURPRISED ?
  213. The demorats war on Kavanaugh may have cost them the mid terms
  214. The gallery in the Senate Chamber was like an insane asylum
  215. It's time to start arresting people ! ! !
  216. We need to be vigilant
  217. Evidence of Former FBI Agent Suborning Perjury in Ford accusations
  218. Dumbocrats say it isnt over.....
  219. Epic MAGAPOTD
  220. To all the leftists, liberals democrats and progressives on the board
  221. Pop the popcorn, ,mix the Martinis
  222. Congrats to Brett
  223. Just for the liberals here
  224. Pretty good read
  225. Feinstein on Guns
  226. More of That Pesky Winning
  227. Mystery solved
  228. Senate Democrats are unhinged
  229. Julie Swetnick's ex boyfriend destroys her credibility
  230. A Little Boy's Prayer
  231. Another Kavanaugh accuser!
  232. Why can't Trump keep his mouth shut?
  233. Senator tells Feinstein she should put her head on a bag
  234. Another fine Dumbocrat:
  235. interesting site
  236. History repeats itself if ignored Article
  237. Evil intensions of Democratic party article
  238. Coming This Week: Another Kavanaugh Accuser
  239. Another week of baloney
  240. Semper Fi! This is the real America, not democrats America
  241. The left just gets more and more idiotic
  242. Hmmm
  243. GOP AND Trump still not addressing big government
  244. This is the evil of liberalism
  245. 9/11
  246. Washington Post fake news exposed
  247. If Only...!
  248. Do not allow the dumbocrats to win this fight!
  249. Proof you don't need to fly a plane into..
  250. Texas School Board erases Hillary from History