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  1. Fences Work
  2. Beto's Background?
  3. Look what the Demoncrats have planned if the win in 2020
  4. More On Where Did AOC Come From?
  5. Evidence that the DOJ protected Hillary
  6. mob boss killed, Trump in the headline
  7. bump stocks lost.....
  8. Deep State revealed at Fox News
  9. Where Did AOC Come From?
  10. Interesting Poll About AOC, Grass and The Left Wing
  11. A win for Democracy and a defeat for the deep state
  12. Don't you love it when the real lefties selves are exposed
  13. It's Time Someone Speaks Out About Scams
  14. Rusian Collusion
  15. AOC Convinces Pelosi To Eat Factory Grown Food
  16. One Year After the New Green Deal
  17. Twisted disturbed Main Stream media
  18. More anti Americanism from the demorats!
  19. Political Correctness Off The Deep End
  20. Everyone who posts here, read this!
  21. "Weekend At Bader's"?
  22. Rinos exposed and include Toomey
  23. And they're off
  24. The fallacy and stupidity of Socialism
  25. The Difference Between Capitalism and Socialism Explained
  26. Rec marijuana - PA wants your opinion
  27. Mexican cartels are terrorist organizations
  28. OCDC by Left
  29. McConnell opens door to changing president's emergency powers
  30. Manafort Gets More Time Tacked On
  31. Firearms Registration Act Introduced in Pennsylvania
  32. More collusion to protect Hillary and bury Trump
  33. Dicks will stop gun sales in some stores
  34. Do lies matter??
  35. Climate Change Progression
  36. Something To Think About
  37. Where are the deficit hawks now?
  38. Sheriffs supporting 2nd Amendment, vow not to enforce certain laws
  39. Lets Hope So!!!
  40. AOC's Credit Score
  41. The cover of the Rolling Stone
  42. Some Millennials Get It
  43. Anyone really surprised?
  44. Colorado Baker Wins another Round with the left
  45. Bernie & AOC 2020 Campaign Posters
  46. Fantasty Island Remake
  47. Trump vs AOC
  48. Who Controls California!
  49. Get your peanuts, popcorn and cotton candy!
  50. The Socialist Darling may be in deep do-do
  51. Scathing Editorial on Failed US Coup
  52. Another Democrat Contender?
  53. Border invasion
  54. Former White House lawyer Ty Cobb defends 'American hero' Robert Mueller,
  55. truth behind the new green deal and Agenda 21
  56. A Little History on Bernie and Others
  57. MAGA Students
  58. The Global Warming Scam Still Going Strong
  59. your opinions on a few things .
  60. Bye bye electoral college, hello national vote - soon
  61. AOC, the new Santa Claus?
  62. New Democrat Plan: No Abilites Act
  63. Donald Trump's shocking, shameful about-face on Otto Warmbier
  64. How could this be missed?
  65. Cohen Testimony
  66. 'Da Nang Dick' Blumenthal
  67. The Meaning of the Word Politics
  68. Predator Award for Dumbocrats
  69. The Trump Bump Stock Ban
  70. Dig Deep to Pay For AOC's Green Deal
  71. We are a doomed nation
  72. Words of wisdom for seniors
  73. 911 suviors dying from ?
  74. Explanition Of How Our Income Tax Sytem Works
  75. Gov. Wolf wants everyone to pay for PSP
  76. Hollywood After Congress for These Two?
  77. Smollett & North Korean Dude ?
  78. Womens rights
  79. Reparations for slavery
  80. Looks like Bernie has company
  81. NEW GILLETTE eau du SMOLLETT Commercial
  82. AOC Know How Dumb Her Constituents Are
  83. New Dumbocratic Party Hats
  84. Wisdom from the Right
  85. Bad when you can't get Daddys vote
  86. NO Sweet Home Alabama for the ISIS Bride
  87. This is how far down the rabbit hole this country has gone!
  88. Build the wall...
  89. Sandmann sues Washington Post.
  90. A Billboard Tribute to AOC...Well Maybe Not
  91. FBI/DOJ Cover-up , Clinton crimes exposed, Part 1
  92. 4 of the Dems running already shot themselves in the foot
  93. Difference between a Communist and Modern Democrat?
  94. 2 years VS 1 month
  95. This is why Smollett made up his own hate crime!
  96. Voter ID suppressing the vote is proven a Fraud
  97. Flynn-backed plan to transfer nuclear tech to Saudis may have broken laws, say whistl
  98. Smaller tax refunds put GOP on defensive
  99. Bernie Sanders launches second presidential campaign
  100. Do Walls Work?
  101. A Poster Tribute to Nancy Pelosi
  102. Democrat conspiracy continues
  103. Muslim Congresswomen are real winners!
  104. National emergency question
  105. FYI Recent Supreme Court Ruling
  106. Your Wife's Influence on Your Health
  107. More cartoons
  108. Border Wall resistance
  109. Thomas Jefferson Was a Pretty Smart Guy!!!!
  110. Progressive Thinking....
  111. Investigation part two
  112. More evidence of a corrupt FBI covering Hillary's dirty trail
  113. Whitey wielding wealth with weed
  114. McCabe's Book and 60 Minutes
  115. Cartoons
  116. Trump may have his first 2020 Republican challenger with former Massachusetts governo
  117. Senator blast media for supporting AOC's lunatic manifesto
  118. Another milestone for Trump!
  119. Donate to the Democratic Party
  120. Wall is alive and well
  121. Amazon Pulls Out of Planned NYC HQ
  122. Ilhan Omar ?
  123. Judge Rules Manafort Guilty Lying Loses Plea Deal
  124. Response from Congressman Smucker
  125. LA VA illegally renting VA affairs property to organizations who do not serve vets.
  126. Lying or Poor Memory?
  127. The Left Runs On The Most Important Issues
  128. Mexican drug lord Joaquin 'El Chapo' Guzmán is found guilty on all counts
  129. El Chapo Guilty On All 10 Counts!!
  130. Senate has uncovered no direct evidence of conspiracy between Trump campaign and Russ
  131. Jobs
  132. Ted Cruz put a smackdown on Corey Booker
  133. Admittedly there should be a rim shot after some of these....
  134. Trump Tweet
  135. Joe Legal vs Jose Illegal
  136. Dumbocrat Stacey Abrams from Georgia
  137. Trump loves having illegals do his work.
  138. Is the wall dead?
  139. While We're At It....
  140. Fairfax Accused Again....What a Shame fo VA
  141. More Bizarre AOC
  142. I think that is what got him in trouble
  143. Another photo shows up with a liberal in blackface
  144. Stop me if you’ve heard this one.....
  145. Green New Deal
  146. Yeah this imbecile is going to design our economic future! When pigs fly!
  147. Pa State Police
  148. What part of illegal do these leftist enemies of the state not understand
  149. Elizabeth Warren Identified Herself As ‘American Indian’ On Texas Bar Registration
  150. Is WAPO really this stupid?
  151. What's wrong with this photo part deux
  152. And They Are Allowed to Vote!
  153. What Wrong With This Photo?
  154. Trump's speach tonight
  155. Just when you think the demorats can't get more stupid and anti America, this!
  156. Oh Virginia all my friends are there to greet me
  157. Uncomfortably Numb
  158. At least someone is investigating the crooked FBI
  159. Help our children to understand socialism
  160. Mitch McConnell and the Confederate Flag photo
  161. The media
  162. New Campaign Hats
  163. You Wont See This In The Press
  164. Democrats vote to protect sexual misconduct
  165. Shocked I tell ya, shocked....
  166. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Bloopers
  167. Political Joke...Or Maybe Not Considering The Subject
  168. More liberal insanity. What if it were your daughters?
  169. The State of the Union
  170. Patriot States of America
  171. Nogales,Arizona drug bust
  172. Democrat Attempt to Eliminate the Electoral College
  173. What voter fraud?
  174. Another abomination from the left
  175. The Trail......
  176. Putin`s little helper
  177. Threats to Americas security
  178. Question for legal minds/Mueller
  179. U.S. intel agencies: Russia and China plotting to interfere in 2020 election
  180. Howard Schultz's potential 2020 bid gives Democrats a double shot of unease
  181. how they trapped themselves
  182. 2020 election circus
  183. Sarah Sanders on CNN
  184. Trump, Kushner thought Flynn firing would end Russia controversy
  185. Nobody criticizes baby trump and gets away with it
  186. Telegraph apologises and pays damages to Melania Trump
  187. Pelosi lies about trump and nato
  188. Speaking About Walls
  189. More on the wall and Stones arrest
  190. Trump lies about indictments
  191. The dems fake border plan
  192. Awesome video MAGA
  193. recent California poll
  194. immigration is about power...................
  195. Trump, the shutdown, and the wall
  196. Who else is confused?
  197. Hello Mr Stone!!
  198. FBI & Justice Dept. Misconduct .
  199. This is the kind of dinggbat socialist the dumbocrats put in office!
  200. Trump should ask North Korea to return the USS Pueblo in meeting with Kim
  201. One more reason for the wall, they are adding up
  202. Every day the dumbocrats get more insane and stupid
  203. Mueller targeting NRA
  204. Mexican drug cartel paying off Democrats
  205. More insanity from the dumbocrats
  206. Liberal logic "oops"
  207. It is the dumbocrats that are continuing the shutdown.
  208. Harold's opinion of the left
  209. Rushing the inevitable .
  210. Serious question about Mueller
  211. Nancy , and the judge
  212. Old Democrats vs New Democrats
  213. Of Course they did
  214. Famous Socialist/Progressive/Open Border/Democrats In History
  215. Today's speech
  216. More Winning
  217. How Bad was 2018 Under Trump...Not Bad At All
  218. Trump thanks Mueller for disputing BuzzFeeds report that the president ordered Cohen
  219. Another Reason to Build The Wall
  220. Illegal Immigrants enter America easier than Americans
  221. 386 tunnel under
  222. Hey liberals, get out your crying towels
  223. buzzfeed, cohen and the dossier
  224. Depositions to begin on Clinton E-mails and Benghazi
  225. Uh oh, Donnie Busted
  226. Madame Speaker
  227. Just when you think the left can't get any more stupid, this!
  228. Washington Redskins Drop Offensive Name
  229. The Truth about the wall
  230. Uh oh, Donnie
  231. U.S. Weighs Lifting China Tariffs to Hasten Trade Deal, Calm Markets
  232. New Element Found. Densest Ever. Scientists in Awe
  233. Gillette, what were you thinking? More pandering to the leftist man haters
  234. Uhoh, Pelosi troops are mutinying
  235. Pelosi seeks delay
  236. Pelosi has unwanted guests on her lawn.
  237. Trump haters have no problem
  238. reporter climbs Pelosi`s fence
  239. 3 Surgeons
  240. Americans targeted by Obama's IRS receive settlement checks from the government
  241. More skulduggery by the FBI Exposed
  242. Trump = sly fox ?
  243. How to Drain the Swamp
  244. Our New democrats
  245. Our Newest Commie on the Succest of Socilaism
  246. Our Newest Communist on Geography
  247. Build the wall
  248. Had to Chuckle
  249. Proof Trump Consired w/ Russian Agents
  250. How Republicans Deny Voting Rights