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  1. Increased auto sales
  2. Another Apology (WHY!!!)
  3. Christie?
  4. Wow- Advice given to Border patrol by DHS
  5. maybe it's me??
  6. The Tax
  7. Charlie Rangel voter fraud....go Figure!!
  8. personal responsibility...whoda thunk it?
  9. now the can of worms might be opened.
  10. there...it's fixed!
  11. early Congress mandated
  12. Issa Places Wiretap Doc's In Congress Record
  13. Another Obama Solar Company Bankrupt
  14. Medicaid Ruling To Cost 500 Billion
  15. WH Defense Starts - It Is Not A Tax
  16. Big Easy Gov says NO! to ObamaCare
  17. Justice won't prosecute Holder for contempt
  18. Learn something new every day
  19. Where you going after the Obamacare vote?
  20. I can't wait......
  21. Conservative Heritage Foundation & Healthcare
  22. JP Morgan To post Additional 4-6 Billion Loss
  23. Up to $90K??
  24. Fortune investigation fast and furious
  25. Eric Holder is in Contempt of Congress
  26. SCOTUS Healthcare Decision ¯ Why Roberts?
  27. Any news?
  28. The Night Before
  29. The Fiscal Cliff
  30. Turn Me Loose
  31. One clown attacking another
  32. Terrorist Group Member Attended WH Meeting
  33. Arizona 287G Withdrawn (Fed Immigration Assistance)
  34. It doesn't matter
  35. Supreme Court Rules On AZ Immigration Law
  36. Health Care Decision Later This Week
  37. Obama Immigration Edict - Creates New Problems
  38. Supreme Court Decision On Healthcare Not Today
  39. Selling The UN Gun Ban Treaty In the US
  40. Democrats Running From Obama
  41. Likely Voters: Obama Over The Line w/ Exec Priv
  42. Say Goodbye to Egypt
  43. Organized labor at a turning point
  44. Turkey says warplane shot down by Syria
  45. Nevada city declared disaster
  46. So you like ethanol in your gasoline?
  47. Stagflation is here
  48. Zimmerman Defense Release Police Investigation Vid
  49. What's this world coming to...
  50. Fed Downgrades Economic Growth Emplyment Prospects
  51. Pres Asserts Executive PrivTo Stop Comtempt Vote
  52. OB's New Immigration Policy... Just how far....
  53. Michelle Clears A Few things Up
  54. Dem's Balk At Bush Tax Break Expiration
  55. Dems: We Move Forward If OBCare Mandate Falls
  56. Holder Contempt Vote Moves Forward
  57. Better Things To Do?? Or - We Pay For This??
  58. Net Worth Implosion: It's Not Just Housing
  59. West Virginia Dem's To Skip Dem Nat Convention
  60. Congress
  61. Rodney King found dead
  62. Obey your federal overlords
  63. Obama Ignores Immigration Law
  64. Pres. Osama thinks Borders is still a book store
  65. Russia Sending Air and Sea Defenses to Syria
  66. He's coming out of the closet...
  67. Christie to vets: State must meet its obligations
  68. Foreclosure Rates UP Nationally
  69. Copters in Syria May Not Be New - Spin Time
  70. Layoff Threats Put Congress On Notice
  71. Pakistan Rift Costs U.S. $100 Million Extra a Mont
  72. Voter Fraud Alive And Well in PA!
  73. Fed says wealth of Americans down 40%
  74. Indiana First State to Allow Citizens to Shoot Law
  75. Billions Proposed For Nat'l Dental Care Insurance
  76. Obama Intel Disclosures
  77. Public-employee pensions face a rollback in Calif.
  78. Paul endorses Romney
  79. Obama Presser. QE3?
  80. PA To Borrow 4.5 Billion - Payback Unemply money
  81. Johnny Cashless? Oh My!!!
  82. Rendell Goes Rogue (With Video)
  83. Hard choices ahead on debt
  84. Bush’s favorable rating lowest of any living presi
  85. Ron Paul: Admits He's Done
  86. Michele Obama disenfranchises book readers.
  87. Jobless Claims Fall Since April
  88. Karl Rove - Electoral Map May 2012 Obama Up
  89. then there's this???
  90. Barret slapped upside the head after conceding
  91. The other side of the argument
  92. Only 27 percent of those who graduated from high s
  93. Rep Barton (R) Rolls Out GOP Healthcare Plan
  94. Labor Loss - Not Just Wisconsin
  95. Wisconsin !!
  96. Obama Endorses Romney?
  97. this is too funny!
  98. See if your friends are Registered To Vote
  99. Corbett's scheme to give away your cash to an oil
  100. Wisconsin Blame Game Starting w/ Unions / Left
  101. Obama Latches On To Billy Clinton
  102. Hunting Boar W/ Congress' Most Conservative Member
  103. If you can't beat 'em, beat 'em?
  104. the $50 lesson
  105. Republicans want polluted water & dirty air!!!
  106. Voter Fraud stopped in Fla by Feds
  107. A Romney Win = American Taken Back?
  108. Stuxnet Worm
  109. Billy C. - Mitt Romney Has a ‘Sterling’ Resume
  110. Republicans want to throw acid at women
  111. Unemployment filings on the rise
  112. Edwards found not guilty on one count; mistrial on
  113. The Bloomberg Diet
  114. Why Right or Left
  115. Obama Care doubles costs
  116. How to insult 38 million Poles
  117. PA Voter ID Laws Update
  118. See this on MSM?
  119. Point/Counterpoint: Is REAL ID necessary?
  120. Spending time on politics,...a waste of time???
  121. More good news?
  122. 15 Sens Vote to Protect Farmers
  123. More Obama good!
  124. Beware tourists/residents of Ohio!
  125. US cuts Pak aid for jailing doc who helped track O
  126. Hold on to your hats!
  127. Friday Afternoon &Holiday Weekend - Breaking News?
  128. call to exterminate white people...unbelievable!!!
  129. Romney's Ponzi Scheme
  130. Obamessiah's Assassination Czar
  131. Dem's Roll Out Race Card - Bad Showing Voting
  132. WH Provides Bin Laden Planning To Hollywood
  133. Snopes Lie To Cover Obama
  134. congressman West for President
  135. does snopes lie to cover Obama?
  136. rural americans..lets not forget
  137. Obama Reveals Campaign Strategy
  138. Please don't feed the.......
  139. best bar joke
  140. A speech he didnt give
  141. Congressmen Seek To Lift Propaganda Ban
  142. DNC stripping delegates away from Obama Opponents
  143. Political pic of the day
  144. RP co-sponsors Obama Impeachment Bill
  145. Martin Shooting State Evidence Documents
  146. This just in!
  147. Obama's days as Harvard Law Review President
  148. Budget Cuts!
  149. straight from the horses mouth
  150. Uhhh?!
  151. Obama's Exectutive Orders 5/16
  152. Oh MY! Could he have been telling the truth?
  153. Sarah Palin/Tea Party Strike Again
  154. Question
  155. Chis Matthews on Jeopardy
  156. In the tank for Obama
  157. Operation Hot Mic!
  158. A Cowardly/Ruthless Prez??
  159. Now Ron Paul is Out!?!?
  160. Mitt Romney supporters, Ron Paul partisans brawl
  161. Weary warriors favor Obama
  162. The Fiction and Non Fiction of Obama-Part1
  163. Abbott and Costello
  164. Trayvon Martin hoodie gun targets reportedly sell
  165. Something I got in an email
  166. What HPA missed in this forum last few days
  167. Betting Odds, Presidential Election
  168. One of these things...
  169. Mittens: 'Former' Democrat?
  170. Who is who?
  173. The View gets it in the face
  174. Marriage Amendment to protect "Caucasian Race"
  175. The Life of Julia
  176. Resolution in House Accuses Holder of Contempt
  177. RNC Bosses threaten NV
  178. Libertarian Cred!
  179. Newt
  180. When, When, When
  181. Afganistan?
  182. Pennsylvania voter ID law challenged in court
  183. State proposal could eliminate property taxes
  184. How many people would it take
  185. If fighting jihadis wasn't enough...
  186. Head of EPA Resign over comment "Crucify them"
  187. New Slogan
  188. Paulbots crush Mittens in Mass
  189. Ron Paul wins LA Caucus, MSM asleep
  190. HR 347 attack on Free speech
  191. If Obama Gets Re-elected............
  192. Getting Back To Made in the USA!!
  193. Holder, citation for contempt?
  194. RP Proven Right (again!)
  195. CISPA passes House
  196. Michelle Obama's 2010 Spain trip cost taxpayers ov
  197. Michelle's $470K Vacation
  198. why half dont pay income tax.
  199. King Obama wants to control the internet
  200. More bad news for Obama
  201. Rural kids may get banned from doing work/chores..
  202. Gettin' educated
  203. obama unmasked 40 czars later
  204. Pennsylvania Primary is Today 4/24
  205. Am I not seeing things clearly?
  206. If I wanted America to fail video
  207. The R3VOLution will not be Televised... OR...
  208. grass aint so greener on other side of the world.
  209. :-)
  210. Who does this sound like?
  211. WOW!!!
  212. Nuke the News: Obama Still Ate a Dog
  213. bHo in real trouble now,
  214. soccer Dads & pit bulls
  215. Who's more dangerous to our freedoms?
  216. umw dilema
  217. Obama executive order.
  218. Nugent On Secret Service Radar
  219. Oh my!
  220. Something to consider
  221. Today's Prez Candidate Events
  222. Top House tax-writer open to Romney ideas on taxes
  223. Pro-Life Profile: Mitt Romney
  224. Meanwhile: Obama scoping out his next vacation!
  225. Axelrod Endorses Romney!
  226. "In the Year 2525"
  227. More disenfranchisement?
  228. Tea Party Movement Looks Stalled
  229. Bernanke: It's much worse than you think
  230. Romney: Olympic Sized Quid Pro Quo
  231. Allentown councilwoman offers city employees free
  232. Mitt Romney delays filing 2011 income tax return
  233. DAs seek changes to Pennsylvania wiretapping law
  234. Mighty Mouth is at it again
  235. Interesting comparison
  236. Hope and Change, yeah, thats the ticket
  237. will rogers talking to bankers
  238. The War On Women
  239. RP is ONLY candidate beating Obama in NOV
  240. Social Security-Unclassified
  241. Obama lets China build U.S. infrastructure (abc)
  242. Checkpoints.......really?
  244. Obama Passes "Amnesty"
  245. Religious questions for PA voter ID law draw fire
  246. Most college ID cards fail voter ID test
  247. They Hate Us 'Cause We're Free
  248. Newt: Utah Filing Fee Check Bounces
  249. Santorum Suspends Campaign
  250. Obama's at it again...