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  1. Public Sector Unions
  2. Movie 2016: Beating Hollywood New Releases
  3. Executive orders by Bobo
  4. More hope and change
  5. Reagan =Nostradamus??
  6. Say what??
  7. What next??
  8. Gun problems no.....Judicial problems.....yep
  9. GOP leaders keep eye on Isaac
  10. Pic Of The Day!
  11. Todd Akin defies Romney/Ryan will stay in race
  12. Interesting article on Obamacare
  13. Netanyahu Wants to Attack Iran ‘Before US Election
  14. House Republican Hijinks Embarrass The Ticket
  15. ObamaCare-free sterilization for kids
  17. The truth with no partisanship
  18. Obama to Campaign during GOP Convention
  19. Here's an Intelligent Comment
  20. Last weeks best quote
  21. What else - illegal aliens
  22. Returning a favor, Chicago style
  23. June To July Unemployment Rises In 44 States
  24. Sig - tell me why I should vote for Obama?
  25. Where's Romney's Bounce?
  26. They didn't build that!
  27. Ron Paul campaign files second appeal
  28. 5 Things We Learned From A Week With Paul Ryan
  29. Libertarian Party eyes spoiler role in 2012 race
  30. Paul Ryan's spending votes get a second look
  31. This Weeks Political Cartoons
  32. Obama To Re-Direct 470 Mil For Transpot By Oct 1
  33. we need Joe...we need Joe!!
  34. Illegal Immigrant Protest Bus Goes Nationwide
  35. More Social Security Money Withheld
  36. "Your skin is your sin"
  37. Putting a spin on the facts
  38. Obama Admin Edits Documents to Tout Himself, Again
  39. Dems offer Romney a deal on taxes
  40. Dont like the choices?
  41. The Cult Following Of Obama
  42. Romney Gets Ryan Bump.. and 10 Mill In One Week
  43. Iowa: Obama... Not So Much This Time
  44. Numbers On The Press
  45. WH Studies Strategic Oil Reserve Release
  46. Democratic"Media Matters" Call Special Ops GUTLESS
  47. Ryan denied stimulus while quietly seeking it
  48. New Jersey unemployment rate at 9.8 percent
  49. Dishonorable Disclosures
  50. What Biden Really Said
  51. VA Bakery Owners Says No To Biden Visit
  52. Ex-spec Ops Officers Slam Obama On Security Leaks
  53. Romney Gaining In Youth Voter Support
  54. Ouch: 08 Obama Campaing Co-Chair Speaks At RNConvt
  55. Arizona Will Not Honor Dream Act Kids w/ License
  56. Absolute fright
  57. Political quiz
  58. Government Agencies Stocking Up on Ammo
  59. Social Security To Stop Paper Checks
  60. Reminder!
  61. Pa Voter ID Decision:
  62. Russian Nuclear Sub Patrolled the Gulf
  63. GM Bailout=$25Billion Loss To Taxpayers!
  64. What is considered a livable wage in PA?
  65. Ryan Budget - Not A Slash And Burn
  66. Whoops - Dem's Praise Ryan - Video On Hand.......
  67. Obama: 170 Mil In Drought Related Meat Purchases
  68. Another mass shooting Tx A&M
  69. Trainers accused of telling state workers how to
  70. House files suit against Holder re. Fast & Furious
  71. Unemployment figures explained!
  72. Anybody know who this guy is?
  73. Another Romney Murder!
  74. Interesting Video from some more creative folks
  75. The Presidents Club: Influence Beyond The Term
  76. My Guess for Veep: Paul Ryan
  77. Don't You Just Love Them Unions?
  78. Analysis: Obama presidency great for stocks.
  79. Why Not Re-Elect Obama? Ask Dick Morris
  80. Doesn't look good.
  81. Mitt Holds 30 Yr Mortagage For Texas Couple
  82. Fiscal Responsibility ?
  83. IRS IG: Tax ID Numbers/ID/Address Corrupt
  84. Fast and Furious: More than just Guns
  85. Will Obama Unseal His College Transcripts
  86. House Changes Mind - Goes On Recess
  87. Mitt Romney will fix it!
  88. New retirees receiving less in Social Security
  89. Obama: Use This Small Biz Form Letter
  90. Patraeus As A Potential VP Pick for Romney??
  91. Latest Obama campaign ad: Romney Killed my Wife
  92. Conservative vs. Liberal, an identification guide
  93. Keeping your Guns and the USA
  94. More Bobo election year crap!
  95. Hunters don't need 30 round mags or assault rifles
  96. You didn't bake that!
  97. For those who can't stand Romney
  98. Another Shooting. Another Blame Game
  99. Westboro Baptist
  100. Pew Poll Fuzzy Math
  101. 2004 Democrat Presidential Nominee
  102. His plans being blocked by Wash. estab is the prob
  103. Obama and democrats block military vote - again
  104. Slight Job Gain - Yet Unemployment Rate Increases
  105. Romney Tax Plan to Increase Taxes on Middle Class
  106. Obama Admin - Lack Of Tranparency.. Breaks Law
  107. College Professor Berates Chick-Fil-a Employee
  108. Boehner blasts Barry
  109. Small Games of Chance Law...New Amendments
  110. Taxpayer Millions Paid to Anti-Hunting Org's
  111. Reid refuses to reconvene - fiscal cliff stalemate
  112. WH Leak Investigation Going At Low Level Folks
  113. Obama: Another Intel Leak - Secret Syria Support
  114. Hey Sig, they aren't dead yet.
  115. Corn for food, not fuel
  116. Obama: Ignore the WARN act
  117. Congress Reaches Budget Deal Ahead Of Elections
  118. Regulator Denies Obama Mortgage Reduc Program
  119. Health Care Rebates
  120. Bizarre things on TV
  121. Castro - To Deliver Dem Convention Keynote Speech
  122. Bill O'Reilly: New poll has President Obama up big
  123. Clinton Headlines Dem Convention
  124. Hearing begins for PA Supreme Court Justice Melvin
  125. Opinion: Obama Runs Out Of $$$ In October???
  126. Upside down land
  127. And So it Begins
  128. Scalia opens door for gun-control legislation
  129. Obama, "i am one of them"
  130. British media hammer Romney on Olympic comments
  131. Another one to share, pass it around
  132. Tightening "OUR" belts
  133. Pic of the day
  134. This is cybersecurity?
  135. Rep. Kelly¯s Rousing Floor Speech
  136. Obama / Romney - Voter Religion Poll
  137. GDP Grows At 1.5% In June - Economic Stall?
  138. Carney will not say what the Capital of Israel is
  139. Dem Senators Make Amendment For Gun Control
  140. Obama Campaign Steps Up Damage Control On Comment
  141. Boehner: House to vote on senate tax bill
  142. USDA Retracts Support For Meatless Mondays
  143. Congress Working To Prevent Gvt Shutdown
  144. romney's "we did build this" tour
  145. If he wins, next year will be the fight!
  146. Elton John Gives G.W. Bush Praise
  147. Obama Opens " Discussion" On Gun Control
  148. Get smarter. Work harder. Go where the opportunity
  149. political info
  150. Ex Citigroup Exec: Split Up Big Banks
  151. The cost of Obam's over ride of the law
  152. Obama Campaingn Rattled On Intel Leaks???
  153. Repub's Float Tax Reform Plan for 2103
  154. PA: Voter ID Court Case Test Of Law
  155. Test of Fire
  156. Obama Boo'd At His Fundraiser In California
  157. Obama Economic Attacks On Mitt Seem To Fail
  158. Feinstein: Intel Leaks Are From White House
  159. Obama Admin Approves Massive Solar Project
  160. Justice Department investigates PA voter ID law
  161. From Hope to Hypocrisy: Excuses, excuses
  162. Opinion: Heading For September Surprise
  163. AD:Kennedy, Johnson & Clinton - Enterprise Is Good
  164. Obama Likely To Visit Isreal In 2nd Term
  165. Obama Promises To Veto Drilling Bill
  166. Voters Blame Obama Most For Economy
  167. House leaders wary of farm, postal bill showdowns
  168. Second Amendment Sovereignty Act S2205
  169. Read and Heed!
  171. You Didn't Build That: Book of Barack
  172. Backward On Business
  173. Media Bias: ABC Reports Shooter Tea Party Member
  174. What a difference 10 years can make
  175. Pa. Turnpike Commission approves toll hike
  176. Pic of the day!
  177. Shut up and be glad for what you got!
  178. This is unique...foreclose on the bank.
  179. The liberal learning process.
  180. Different: Celeb's That Are KNown Republicans
  181. timeline of the Corbett/Sandusky/PSU scandal
  182. JOB NUMBER #1
  183. How to fix Congress
  184. Coming to a city near you?
  185. ATF chief warns of consequences' to whistleblowers
  186. Obama didn't build this
  187. more obama economics
  188. ACLU: 1 million Pa. voters lack valid photo ID
  189. Napolitano Heading To Court on Immigration
  190. That Lyin' Hawaiin
  191. Pic of the week!!!
  192. News flash! FBI was more PC than investigative
  193. Obama: 100 Fundraisers Since Feb & Counting
  194. Nancy, Harry - Tax Returns Please - NO WAY
  195. States saying no to 'Obamacare' could see downside
  196. You scare me!
  197. tea party destruction.
  198. Hey John Henry!
  199. House Passes Bill 414-2 Obama Tell Us How....
  200. For The Third Party or Johnson Fans
  201. Harry Reid: I Am changing The Rules For Sure
  202. What Good does Obama really Bring to this Country
  203. Retailers Push For National Internet Sales Tax
  204. Interesting: NPR's Take On Voter Attitudes
  205. Obama - 1 Billion For New Master Teachers Prgram
  206. Lawsuits in Ohio Begin
  207. Sheriff Joe Arpaio: It's Fake
  208. Mr. Perfect
  209. America the Beautiful
  210. Poll: Christie would make bad choice for VP
  211. Sarah Who?
  212. America the police state
  213. Sebelius & Welfare reform
  214. DOJ Double Standard: Guam
  215. Dem's Prepared To Let Another Recession Happ'n
  216. Obama Misses Mid Year Budget Update Report - Again
  217. Obama to Business: "You didn't build that!"
  218. What do ya think???
  219. Ron Paul Fails To Get Delegates - No Convn't Role
  220. Tomatoes and shoes thrown at Clinton
  221. Awww Poor Ron Paul
  222. obama...a little light in the loafers
  223. Explain This One Folks
  224. Here's the real deal
  225. The real story !
  226. NY Fed, Geithner Knew Of libor Rate-Fixing In 08
  227. How do you tell ?
  228. Obama Latino Vote Support Dropping??
  229. Obama wants to undo welfare reform
  230. The dead recieving voter forms
  231. It's time to abandon ship!
  232. Obama: I Have A Communication Issue
  233. U.S. Olympic uniforms made in ...
  234. Oil Down $35 Since January - Gas Prices Rising??
  235. Obama Neg Attacks Working.. Or Are they??
  236. Drudge: Surprise Frontrunner for Mitt VP Choices
  237. One for the birthers
  238. Land of the FREEBIES !
  239. Closure of Border Patrol stations In Four States
  240. Drop the "I" Word - Illegal Immigration
  241. Obama Calls For Mitts Taxes: Transparency
  242. San Bernardino, CA Files Bankruptcy
  243. Chicago: Challenging Immigration Law - Ignoring It
  244. Sign of the day
  245. More TARP Returns for Treasury
  246. 759,000 Pennsylvanians without photo ID?
  247. gop bullies evan kennedy
  248. Voter ID Laws BAD...See My Speech...Must Have
  249. PA Const: “H'lth care for legitrs is not provided"
  250. DOJ Indicts Five In Terry Killing