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  1. How this for 'hope and change'?
  2. Report will expose lavish spending by IRS
  3. iRS collects data from 88 employees
  4. State of CT. letting Illegal Immigrants drive
  5. Holder wants meetings with news organizations
  6. I thought voter fraud doesn't happen ??
  7. Shulman visited WH more than any Cabinet member
  8. College students thank IRS for...
  9. Michelle Obama: 'Keep writing those checks....
  10. MSNBC in ratings collapse
  11. NJ spent $23 million on unemployment to inmates
  12. You can't make this up...
  13. Healthcare sticker shock?
  14. Bob Dole Says He, Reagan Might Not Win in Today's
  15. More insanity from Obama
  16. Senators to give 18 million + Illegals Amnesty
  17. Pa judge is a bum
  18. Corbett Asks For Publicís Help To Pass Agenda
  19. 40 saddening facts about the U.S. economy
  20. Senate Judiciary Committee OKs Immigration Bill
  21. "I don't trust Republican's"
  22. at this point what diference does it make?
  23. Hillary is pregnant!
  24. Tyranny .. a good article
  25. Holder OK'd search warrant for Fox News reporter's
  26. Openly Gay Boy Scouts OK
  27. Pivoting From a War Footing, Obama Acts to Curtail
  28. Another Good One
  29. Colorado Gov at it again
  30. Corbett says Latino comment taken out of context
  31. British soldier hacked to death
  32. CBS News Pres. and WH Official Tied to Benghazi...
  34. Lois Lerner to plead the 5th!!
  35. Is the IRS incompetent or just following orders?
  36. WW3
  37. Justice Department affidavit labels Fox News journ
  38. Piers Morgan: Obama Administrion Tyrannical
  39. Am I acting inappropriately?
  40. Is this the smoking Gun?
  41. You know what a smart president would do?
  42. About right
  43. Scary thought
  44. Krauthammer On IRS Commissioner:
  45. IRS - Leak was pre-planned.
  46. Eagles player unloads on IRS... literally!!
  47. "Wait till we get home!"
  48. It just doesn't stop...
  49. Bipartisan support to repeal Obocare
  50. Starting to Eat Their Own
  51. Wall Street Journal: This is no ordinary scandal
  52. OBAMACARE: Seven Feet Of Job-Killing Regulations
  53. Chris Matthews sours on Obama
  54. Leader of IRS office now runs Obamacare office...
  55. Obama breaches Marine umbrella protocol
  56. Nixon was a piker!
  57. Director of IRS Tax-Exempt Determinations Office..
  58. IRS exec got $42K in bonuses in 3 years
  59. City sues good samaritans for paying for parking
  60. Sestak sets his sights on Toomey
  61. Is this Toomey's successor?
  62. The Collapse of the Obama Regime
  63. Obama on Benghazi: 'There's No There There'
  64. Insurers predict 100-400% Obamacare rate explosion
  65. Gov't obtains wide AP phone records in probe
  66. Major problems with the PLCB
  67. How to buy an election
  68. For Sale: Permanent residence in the US?
  69. Where There's Smoke
  70. IRS apologizes for targeting consevative groups
  71. ABC News -White House Doctored the Benghazi Report
  72. Geeks put Obama back in the Whitehouse in 2012
  73. House approves bill to change overtime pay law
  74. Another $100M we dont have!
  75. IRS to run Obama Care
  76. Clinton's Circle Involved in Benghazi Cover-up
  77. Senate approves Internet sales tax proposal
  78. Proclaim your love for the government, or else
  79. Corbett to Malvern audience: Dems twisted my words
  80. $100G to Tsarnaev family
  81. Obama on economy...
  82. Where is Ershcheissen?
  83. Priorities
  84. Obama 'kept every promise' on storm aid
  85. Karzai Acknowledges Cash Deliveries by C.I.A.
  86. PA 17th District
  87. Real father?
  88. Trial begins for Obama ballot petition fraud...
  89. How about these apples?
  90. Sarin used in Syria Intelligence says
  91. Obama care exemption
  92. The government beat me to it!
  93. His new job!
  94. The Face of Terrorism in the USA
  95. One Boston bomber shot and killed
  96. The Real Trayvon
  97. saudi suspect ordered deported?
  98. Anyone else sickened by this ?
  99. Citizenship for sale!!
  100. Ricin Sent to Mississippi Senator
  101. 2 explosions at finish line of Boston Marathon!
  102. Military Medal for Drone operators??
  103. Why is this trial not Front Page news?
  104. G8 Threatens Action if North Korea Launches Missil
  105. Barack Hussein Obama - The Broken Record
  106. Sen Toomey
  107. .Kerry Meets Syrian Opposition, Hinting More Aid t
  108. Grandma pays grandson to kill grandpa
  109. Allyson Schwartz files to run for Pa. governor
  110. Hybrid cars are taxing state roads budget
  111. And Another One Gone
  112. Martial Law
  113. March Jobs Report - 88,000 Jobs
  114. Who are those rebels?
  115. Obama to Return 5 Percent of Salary
  116. We the people stimulus package, must watch.
  117. U.N. passess small arms treaty
  118. Big Profits at Fannie and Freddie
  119. Not Even For Easter
  120. Re: Perry County Scumbags
  121. Corbett to meet with Health and Human Services
  122. States Ranked by Freedom......PA in the middle.
  123. My AR-15 has......
  124. Money's Tight!
  125. We've reached our heart's desire!
  126. Global Warming!
  127. What has capitalism done for us lately
  128. And yet,
  129. Sequster stymied?
  130. Let Them Eat More Cake!
  131. looking Into Obamas Ammo buying
  132. Hope and....No Change???
  133. Liquor Bill passes House!!
  134. those birthers
  135. Corbett highest paid governor in nation
  136. Health insurance
  137. Is It Becoming Clear Yet?
  138. The Bible Show on History Channel.
  139. Hillary & gay marriage
  140. What the Democrat Party Told Me
  141. Boy Scouts of America
  142. could this happen soon in banks in the U.S.?
  143. Pending Legis: Judical Consideration OF PTSD
  144. Wow!
  145. Watch! !!
  146. The Repub's war on women?
  147. U.N. anti-gun group pressing their agenda globally
  148. Archie on Civil Rights
  149. Senate Judiciary committee approves gun ban
  150. Kathleen Kane-You go girl!!
  151. read the constitution-go to jail
  152. Obama to bailout out Sugar industry
  153. Iran to sue Hollywood
  154. New poll shows Corbett losing to every likely Dem
  155. Who's running this country?
  156. free .22 ammunition ?
  157. Don't you think its Ironic ?
  158. Keep the Big Gulps flowing!
  159. It flows downhill
  160. More anti-2nd ammendment bull from the Dems
  161. 51%?
  162. Low Information Voters
  163. Levin to retire from senate , GOP win senate ???
  164. Let Them Eat Cake!
  165. Adminstration asks brass if they will fire on Amer
  166. Weather or whether??
  167. legal immigrant shares gun control opinion
  168. The liberal mind...
  169. Democrats attend chavez funeral
  170. Obamaville
  171. Soldiers to lose Federal Tuition Assistance
  172. "Only In America"
  173. We honor him by our presence?
  174. Whitehouse reacts to N.korea's threat!
  175. U.S. flag at half staff for chavez
  176. Anti-gun lobbyist enjoys 'assault weapons'
  177. Obama loses election!!
  178. Who Says O is not a Commy?
  179. Pending: PA Independent Voters In Primaries
  180. Debt
  181. Are anger management classes in our future?
  182. ACLU launches inquiry to Police militarization
  183. Filibuster
  184. Court orders Corbett to spend tobacco settlement o
  185. America's Biggest Threat...
  187. Your reactions please
  188. Freedom banned in DC!!
  189. Sequester anyone?
  190. White House silent on Dow
  191. Chavez dead
  192. Dow hits new all-time high
  193. UN warns U.S. about legalized marijauna
  194. Weighing in on cell phones now
  195. NKorea vows to cancel Korean War cease-fire
  196. Corbett, wife accepted thousands in gifts from biz
  197. Obama not bluffing over Iran military threat
  198. Comcast
  199. Outdoor Channel
  200. PA Senate Bill 538
  201. A reflective Romney emerges from seclusion, rips O
  202. Obama DID propose Sequester!!
  203. Sequester
  204. Russia buying gold
  205. Liar Liar panties on fire!
  206. Detroit - financial takeover eminent?
  207. Obama closer to approving Keystone pipeline
  208. Paris is coming?
  209. Obama adds $6 trillion of new debt
  210. Unions get another bailout from Obama ,,Hostess
  211. We The People!
  212. Philadelphia girl searched for having gun...
  213. Bloomberg: Don't panic, United States could owe...
  214. Huge one-month income drop!!
  215. Obama Donor Buying Out Hunting Channeld
  216. You like pie? Obama sure does!!
  217. 170 MILLION Could Lose Their Jobs...
  218. Suggestion
  219. somebody has to pay
  220. DHS releasing illegal immigrants cites cuts
  221. Chris Christie Says Yes To Obamacare Medicaid Expa
  222. Put her in a Burka
  223. ...a right to be stupid.
  224. Senate confirms Hagel for defense secretary
  225. LAWS!
  226. Obama: Flexibility won't help with spending cuts
  227. Burn Notice????
  228. Pa. bill would ban abortion in exchange coverage
  229. how we now think
  230. Does Obama Hate America?
  231. Obama To Be Next Pope
  232. You said a mouthful brother!
  233. Nice...furlough papers!!
  234. Pa. Supreme Court Judge Orie Melvin guilty....
  235. Ruling: No Pa. privacy right for home address
  236. Medical Excise Tax & OBAMA CARE - MUST READ !!!
  237. More Gun Wisdom from the Vice President
  238. Sick and Tired
  239. GOP, Dems Inch Toward Compromise on Magazine Limit
  240. Good argument against women carrying for protectio
  241. More liberal logic
  242. Oh the irony....
  243. Gun registration means confiscation
  244. Tighten your belts, he's at it again!
  245. LOL!!!!
  246. It's Not A Tax
  247. Showing His True Colors
  248. Elizabeth Warren grills banking regulators
  249. Both sides ask judge to postpone Pa. voter ID
  250. Anti Gun Plan