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  1. 2019 Deer Season
  2. When CWD comes to your hunting area
  3. Have You Hunted Deer on Sunday In PA
  4. Ice cream cake
  5. Naked and Afraid tv show
  6. will you hunt the Saturday opener
  7. Let's Take a Vote!
  8. taxes
  9. Only One Rifle Caliber You Need
  10. Saturday Opener Poll
  11. Help - don't know where to post this
  12. Doe Permits
  13. take your hat off while eating?
  14. yes served in military no I didn't seerve in military
  15. Hunting tattoo
  16. Drones checking on game law violators
  17. Deer Processor vs. DIY
  18. Marital Status
  19. the bird
  20. Hunting accuracy
  21. where is the hardest place in Pa to gain entry to hunt private lands.
  22. drinking water from a mountain stream yes or no
  23. Do you take Herbal Supplements, Vitamins, or nothing
  24. Did you ever become lost in the woods for a period of time?
  25. What military branch of service did you serve in?
  26. the 17 cals for predator your favorite one?
  27. Has the threat of CWD changed your hunting?
  28. Scouting With Trail Cameras
  29. How To Post A Poll
  30. How To Post A Poll
  31. Vote for President
  32. Hunter Motivation
  33. PA Gas Tax for Roads Yes or No
  34. Should the Pa Turnpike be Privatized or run by PA?
  35. Should Pa Game Commission allowed fine tresspass
  36. Would you like Hunt with semiautomatic firearms Pa
  37. Would you shoot a buck in velvet
  38. Be truthful has a gun saved your life
  39. Your hunting cabin is it a pain or a blessing?
  40. What school are you ?? Your big game rifle
  41. Most deadly sound for Pa Eastern coyotes
  42. Electronic call for possum, skunk, weasel?
  43. Did you know you need a furtakers lic to hunt fox
  44. Daytime fox hunting during regular deer season!
  46. Your Right to Another Man's Treestand
  47. CWD Poll Questions
  48. HPA, what primarily controls the deer populations
  49. Would you be willing to buy a doe tag and not use
  50. Windows 10
  51. One Hunting Trip
  52. What's your favorite
  53. What was your first car?
  54. Pick Your Adventure
  55. How many Rattlesnakes have you seen in Pa wild
  56. shout out.
  57. What do you prefer?????
  58. What's your favorate???
  59. Your Deer Hunting Cartridge
  60. Deer Processing Poll
  61. Quickest Anterless Processing
  62. Which County Treasurer to Choose
  63. What kind of dog(s) do you have
  64. Does Mentored Youth Program...
  65. Weather/Solunar Impact on Game Activity
  66. Former NFL player game commentater
  67. Buck Kill Date Poll
  68. Butter/Margarine - Salt - Sugar
  69. General Hunting Stats
  70. Random survey
  71. Heinz or other crappy ketchup?
  72. My Computer
  73. Mayo or Miracle Whip ?
  74. PFBC Senior fishing license
  75. Neurotic Antlerless License Poll
  76. Off Road Vehicles
  77. Stuff i have found
  78. Fav, month of the year
  79. What percentage of HPA'ers process their own deer?
  80. Your Favortite War movie
  81. Sandwich
  82. What would you do?
  83. is pgc doing good deer management?
  84. yes/no ? pgc
  85. Saturday Rifle Deer Opener
  86. Do you support our current president and his admin
  87. My pickup truck
  88. Some stuff i like to do
  89. Who would fair best at the Daytona 500
  90. If You Could Only Hunt One Big Game Species
  91. NRA Member?
  92. Found Corn Under Treestand
  93. What Would You Do?
  94. Product Reviews
  95. My Hunting 2013/14
  96. Which HPA forums do you visit the most
  97. Happily Married?
  98. Good idea? Bad idea?
  99. My Girlfriend/Wife was attracted to me because
  100. Your favorite two Clint Eastwood movies
  101. Yes/No I believe
  102. Terror survey
  103. Old TV Shows
  104. 10 million man march
  105. Rate an Actor
  106. Vienna sausage vs Spam
  107. Charging Grizzly
  108. Which of these movies you like best
  109. Favorite King Kong
  110. How much sleep?
  111. cabelas firearms people hamburg store
  112. Tree-Stand or On Ground
  113. How many deer have you taken so far this season ?
  114. 2012 Rut
  115. best current female singer
  116. Conceal carry
  117. The best James Bond
  118. rabbit hunting shot size
  119. Has hunting become too commercialized?
  120. Doctor general practitioner
  121. Gunsmoke or Bonanza?
  122. My Coffee
  123. Whos in charge
  124. Still texting while driving?
  125. Feed animals
  126. Which buck?
  127. You won a gun drawing take pick
  128. Nuclear weapons
  129. Spider and Snakes
  130. Trapping
  131. Own a gun vault?
  132. What Kind Of Cabin do you own?
  133. How old were you when you had your child ?
  134. Do you butcher and process your own venison
  135. Do you believe in God?
  136. Hunting fox during regular firearm deer season?
  137. Favorite knife for type for deer hunting?
  138. Do You Pick Edible Mushrooms In Penns Woods?
  139. Have A Coyote run past you while hunting deer?
  140. How far did you have to drag your first deer?
  141. My Elvis Presley impersonation
  142. Survey won't allow me to vote in favor
  143. Took me fishing when i was a kid most of the time
  144. Vote for Corbett?
  145. Regulatory Authority of Sunday Hunting
  146. Did you Kill a Deer this year?
  147. Car/Pickup wash
  148. Bering Sea Gold or Gold Rush Alaska
  149. Comcast cable
  150. What's next on the agenda?
  151. what minerals to use
  152. HPA Post Comments
  153. for the birds
  154. If the state went to a split season
  155. Ever drive buzzed
  156. What should the pgc do?
  157. Xmas Gift
  158. Best Actor
  159. would youu support sunday hunting if
  160. Would you support Sunday hunting if ..............
  161. Veterans Day Around The Corner
  162. Cutting Off Antlers
  163. What would encourage you to hunt more?
  164. Would you be open to switch no hunting days?
  165. Whats Your Go-To Deer Lure
  166. Non-hunters
  167. First Day Deer Season I Always Have This Food
  168. Did you ever hurt yourself stepping in chuck hole
  169. When I hunt squirrels I like to use?
  170. Have you ever declined a wedding invitation.......
  171. Introduced into hunting by?
  172. Would you donate one evening to help out
  173. Hearing sound of bullets and or shot?
  174. I killed My First Buck With A ?
  175. Steal your big game animal hanging out backyard?
  176. My favorite small game animal to hunt is?
  177. I would select the following hand gun to hunt?
  178. Slippery Rocks when wadding
  179. Vietnam Era Miltary treated nice uniform Yes/No
  180. Did a gun or lethal weapon ever save your life
  181. What do you guys do with your deer?
  182. ATV's at camp during deer season.
  183. IYO the smartest full breed dog?
  184. If you can do you cure your deer?
  185. Tombstone or Wyatt Earp
  186. Has your vehicle ever been broken into/ vandalized
  187. When was the last time you flushed a woodcock?
  188. Do You Particpate in Predator Hunting In Pa?
  189. Have you ever been checked by a PG Warden?
  190. PGC allow the use of 00 Buckshot for predators
  191. Semi-auto rifles for coyotes ???
  192. Quick Survey
  193. best bow
  194. New Antler Restrictions
  195. Revised Sunday Poll if no deer season
  196. If you're against it, would you participate?
  197. Hawk/Owl Permit
  198. Extended Warrenty
  199. Automatic tranny,brake right or left foot?
  200. Military
  201. What State Were You Born In?
  202. POLL - Would you support a buck tag lottery?
  203. Which came first?
  204. more or bigger
  205. Taxes,,getting back ? paying in
  206. 62 Bull Elk
  207. How do you start a poll?
  208. top gear
  209. Settling a bet "Age this buck"
  210. Best local pizza.
  211. Your prefered stylesheet (color scheme) on HPA?
  212. Pizza ,,the big three
  213. if i knew how to make a survey i'd ask
  214. Springtime activities you like
  215. Where do you primarily hunt? Public or Private?
  216. Deer numbers
  217. Saturday Opener for Deer/ Sunday hunting
  218. How many people have hunted in High Fence?
  219. Should Safety Harnesses be Mandatory?
  220. How to create a Poll
  221. Who will win Super Bowl XLV?
  222. Is $.50 Worth It?
  223. Public VS Private and Hunting Pressure
  224. I've got the solution.......MAYBE (poll)
  225. What should the penalty be?
  226. Reasons for not Reporting
  227. Reporting harvests
  228. Antlerless Success Harvest Poll
  229. Would you shoot a deer in it bed?
  230. Shaving
  231. Breakfast Time
  232. Favorite truck/car color
  233. Best Response
  234. Buck Size Poll
  235. buckets
  237. which type of shotgun do you prefer for hunting?
  238. chew snuff
  239. steelers v. bengals
  240. tattoo
  241. breaking the law
  242. Deer hit by car in middle of road not dead
  244. If she doesn't, would you prefer you Wife/GF to...
  245. Is wildlife movement affected by moon phase?
  246. Pick one part 2
  247. Favorite weapon used to take deer
  248. TIMEOUT?
  249. 270 short mag/7mm short mag