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  1. Military Stories
  2. The Veteran the minority
  3. Free event tickets for military and Honorable Discharged veterans
  4. Veterans with 0 to 99% disability rating set back
  5. 100 year old vet gets a surprise
  6. Courage, Leadership, Humility
  7. Yo Buck
  8. Iran raises the red flag of war
  9. all Disabled Vet use exchange/Commissary
  10. Wishing all a blessed and safe Veterans Day.
  11. That's About Accurate
  12. Any navy shellbacks
  13. Fifty Years
  14. Good Nes for Vets with Service Connected Inury 0%$ to 99%$
  15. Out of state hunting and fishing disabled veterans
  16. PGC/DCNR have veterans preference for hiring?
  17. Memory of her Dad in Sr Pic
  18. All VA Hospitals in Pa have a Cafe and Store
  19. Diners and fast food many given a discount
  20. 22 Veterans kill themselves daily?
  21. Disability Claim application visability of????
  22. 75th Annv. D day
  23. WWII Airman's Remains Brought Home
  24. Jane Fonda to be Inducted to The Womans Hall of Fame..
  25. Today is Vietnam Veterns Day....
  26. Penn Researcher, Congressman Want Better Records, Medical Care for Burn Pit Exposure
  27. Unofficial video of the day 3/13
  28. Burial at Sea Pics
  29. Characters we served with in the Miliary
  30. Could you wear a beard in the military?
  31. Reminder Veterans vacations you earned it
  32. toys for tots Butler PA
  33. John Lincoln "Johnny" Clem
  34. Veterans Day
  35. Moving Wall Coming To Meadville...
  36. FYI discounts
  37. On the fourth of July
  38. Bugles across America
  39. Busy weekend
  40. Stand for the Flag, Kneel for the Fallen..
  41. Honoring and remembering
  42. Every Veteran should put in for VA Health Insurance
  43. Vet burial benefits
  44. To all the people who qualify to post to this forum.............
  45. Did you hunt and fish while in Miliary?
  46. Did You use what you did in the military for your job?
  47. Neat Shirt...DD 214 Alumni
  48. Will you get buried in a National Cemetary?
  49. Worst uniform - ever.
  50. We polished brass with toothpaste
  51. What an education dealing with all types of people in service
  52. Facebook free hunts for Veterans on East Coast
  53. Did you ever buy a gone in the PX Exchange
  54. Things they use to yank our chain with in boot camp
  55. Shots, Needles, The needle gun!!!
  56. When you did your first tour did you catch the flu
  57. What kind of rifle did you use in boot camp?
  58. Vets can use the Mail order Exchage now
  59. Where and When?
  60. 30 Years Already?
  61. Please post arned forces club names, locations in Pa?
  62. You earned it use it... Vacations for Vets...
  63. Guidance issued on ships built prior to 1970
  64. Hello
  65. Military chow remembered