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Wildlife Diseases including CWD and EHD

  1. CWD, You are king for a day
  2. Gov. Evers vetoes proposal to use hunters' fees to fund CWD research at deer farm
  3. CWD Found West of the Continental Divide in Montana
  4. House Natural Resources Subcommittee Holds Chronic Wasting Disease Hearing
  5. MDC reduces CWD Management Zone starting July
  6. Cwd update: Disease management areas expand by more than 2,300 square miles
  7. Deer Farm Escapes 2013 -2018 -
  8. Dead deer and more CWD found at pay-to-hunt ranch in Crow Wing County
  9. Chronic Wasting Disease Case Confirmed In One Farmed Oklahoma Elk
  10. CWD positive
  11. Congressional Sportsmenís Caucus Members Introduce Chronic Wasting Disease Management
  12. DOKKEN: Minnesota Deer Hunters Association passes resolutions to fight chronic wastin
  13. Info
  14. Unified/CWD
  15. Buck in Clearfield County tests positive for CWD Facebook195TwitterPinterestLinkedIn
  16. Who know's best?
  17. Michigan Reports Results of Testing of PFAS in White-tailed Deer
  18. Scary CWD story
  19. Game Commission Continues To Capture, Tag Deer For Chronic Wasting Disease Research I
  20. Cwd - it's time to halt all transportation of live deer and elk
  21. Boone and crockett club backing cwd legislation wednesday, february 06, 2019
  22. State agencies issue statement on cwd
  23. Uniform Carcass Transport Rules Could Help Slow the Spread of Chronic Wasting Disease
  24. Deer Urine Bans Do Nothing to Slow CWD: Prion Researcher
  25. Congressional Sportsmenís Caucus Members Introduce Chronic Wasting Disease Transmissi
  26. 38 deer tested positive for Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) on deer farms in Fulton and
  27. Hunting and Shooting Sports Conservation Council Recommends Actions for Chronic Wasti
  28. Plan Would Pay Hunters To Shoot More Deer With CWD
  29. Wisconsin deer hunters no longer have to break down deer carcasses in CWD-affected co
  30. cCJD from squirrel
  31. MDIFW News - Emergency Rules Enacted To Protect Deer, Moose Populations; Prevent Spre
  32. Chronic Wasting Disease in Pennsylvania Webinar
  33. Canadian CWD
  34. Events teach about cwd
  35. https://www.media.pa.gov/Pages/fish-and-Boat-Commission-Details.aspx?newsid=212
  36. Midwest: State Action in the Fight against Chronic Wasting Disease
  37. Michigan sets new deer-hunting rules to limit chronic wasting disease
  38. CWD Podcast
  39. Boone and crockett club: Wild, not domestic
  40. Invasive Asian Longhorn Tick Confirmed In PA, State Urges Precautions To Protect Peop
  41. Mosquito Spraying Set for Schuylkill County for Thursday, August 2, 2018
  42. Missouri Shoots Down Captive Deer Herd Operations
  43. Are Deer Evolving Resistance to CWD?
  44. Cwd cases multiply in pennsylvania
  45. Congressional Sportsmen's Caucus Members, Conservation Partners Discuss Urgency of Ch
  46. They threaten our wild deer herd and get paid for it with tax dollars
  47. 2018 CWD DMA2 DMAP Tags
  48. Game commission expands cwd rules
  49. Deer Farmers
  50. Wisconsin CWD
  51. genetic resistance to CWD research explained
  52. Cwd
  53. House Game & Fisheries Committee Meeting
  54. Boone & Crockett CHRONIC WASTING DISEASE
  55. New cwd management area established
  56. Cwd management area to be announced
  57. CWD in Lancaster County
  58. WisconsinĚs Washburn County: Six years with no new CWD cases February 12, 2018 Dave
  59. Cwd test results continue to come in
  60. 51 test positive for CWD
  61. genetic resistance to CWD
  62. Federal CWD legislation announced
  63. CWD in Europe
  64. CWD results in mail
  65. Chronic wasting disease open house announced
  66. Public meetings inform pennsylvanians about cwd
  67. Nj ehd
  68. CWD may be transmittable through eating game meat
  69. Rep. Keith Gillespie
  70. Agency creates new position
  71. Cwd found in the wild in clearfield county
  72. Senate Game & Fisheries Committee on CWD
  73. DMA2 changes
  74. Additional cwd cases detected in pennsylvania wild deer
  75. Two Pa. farms quarantined after chronic wasting disease case
  77. Deer Farming Industry - Spreading CWD for Profit
  78. MDC reports two cases of CWD in St. Clair County
  79. CWD Found In PA High Fence Hunting Perserve
  80. Cwd, scrapie, bse, tse prion update ars research
  82. What you should know about cwd
  83. Senate Game & Fisheries Committee
  84. CWD ?
  85. Texas CWD
  87. Donald Trump Deer Fence?
  88. Arkansas CWD
  89. more CWD cases
  90. CWD in Norway
  91. Maine Moose Mortalities Providing Clues
  92. CWD.... lift AR ?
  93. Consuming a deer with CWD
  95. Release 96-15
  96. CWD more likely transmissible to humans...
  97. Missouri Conservation extends CWD combat zone
  98. CWD Confirmed in Michigan...overreaction?
  99. Former GC Vet: Vermont Deer Lure Ban
  100. CWD and transporting your deer harvest
  102. 10 Reasons You Donít Want CWD in Your Woods
  103. Missouri CWD
  104. Vaccine for CWD developed
  105. CWD found on Ohio farm
  106. NJ Blue Tongue Disease
  107. Iowa CWD
  108. 4 Part Series On CWD and Deer Industry
  109. CWD Public Meeting
  111. Cervids developing resistance to CWD
  112. Indiana DNR calls scientific heavy hitters to capt
  114. CWD in WV
  115. What Has Suddenly Killed 50 Deer in This Breeding
  116. Missouri Department of Conservation moves to prote
  117. Indiana Considers Deer Import Ban Due to PA CWD
  119. 7th CWD Positive Deer Found On Deer Farm
  120. April 2014 -5th and 6th CWD Positive Deer Reported
  121. A Troubling Industry Is Born
  122. Game Farm, CWD Concerns Rise at Boone and Crockett
  123. Keith Warren on CWD
  124. CWD Disease Mang't Area 1 and 2 & Exec Order
  125. PA Depart Ag - CWD Reporting (Non-Reporting)
  126. Article - Second CWD Connected To Adams Co???
  127. CWD Wild Herd March 4 GC Press Conf Video
  128. GC CWD Mtg - Roaring Springs, PA 3-20 @ 7 PM
  129. New CWD wild deer found per PGC.....any more info?
  130. CWD Confirmed in the Wild
  131. 14 deer farms off quarantine
  132. Release 150-12
  133. Sportsmen upset
  134. PGC Please Ban Urine
  135. It appears the CWD is here in PA
  136. "Pink 23" Test is Negative....
  137. Pink23, test Neg
  138. Pink 23 is no longer roaming the wilds of PA.
  139. LV breeder offers reward for return of trophy deer
  140. escapes
  141. Article on CWD in PA
  142. CWD's Implications Unknown??
  143. CWD Infomational Thread
  144. much needed page , thank you
  145. Pa Dept of AG CWD information page
  146. PGC CWD information page
  147. A bit concerning ?
  148. PGC CWD Public Meeting 6:30 p.m. November 12th
  149. CWD AGAIN
  150. GC CWD Public Meeting 7 PM Thurs Nov 8
  151. Reward for missing whitetail doe
  152. NEW LAWS regarding the CWD situation in PA