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Sojourner48 08-08-2013 07:46 PM

Pop up blinds
I have one and am not convinced they work, ie: make you "invisible" to deer. Got busted by a doe last year at about 30 yds. Plus not sure how the shoot through screening can not effect arrow flight.

springfreak 08-08-2013 09:15 PM

Re: Pop up blinds
Never used one for deer but I think a blind out in the open they would be suspicious, should probably be brushed up. I also would think you still have to worry about scent on and in the blind. I have heard of people closing all the windows but one so the scent would not drift out to the deer.

Bluemoonfox 08-09-2013 01:39 AM

Re: Pop up blinds
I've killed turkey and deer out of mine and love it! Still gotta watch your movements and scent, that's why I like using a Ozonics unit and wear black shirt and hat when I'm in mine.

ALFONZ 08-09-2013 02:20 AM

Re: Pop up blinds
I have used them to film and hunt out of, had deer come within in 10 feet from the blind you dont move and scent they will go right by like they said a little camo around them makes the deer not so spooky

Uncle Johnny 08-09-2013 09:49 PM

Re: Pop up blinds
I try to tuck mine into the brush as much as I can, and I always cut some of the local flora and thread it through all the little loops on the blind, and I put some on top too.

You definitely don't want to set it up out in the open because deer will notice this new thing in their environment that was never there before.

Farflung 08-09-2013 10:03 PM

Re: Pop up blinds
I was being lazy towards the end of a morning last turkey season. It was almost quitting time (noon) and I was in a pop-up blind. I was contemplating pulling my decoy when I heard a shaking sound behind me. I said to myself, only one theing sounds like that. I heard a turkey walking next to the blind, and a scratching sound. a jake strutted into view. the scratching sound was his wings scraping against the tent. He went out to the decoy and screwed around for 10 minutes b4 he lost interest. Seems like neither deer or turkey pay the blinds much attention. I do brush in the blinds.

Pa.Bone 08-09-2013 11:37 PM

Re: Pop up blinds
A friend of mine uses one when we hunt southern Ohio, Deer don't seem to spot him because of blending into the background. But you still have to watch the wind, they will smell you

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