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dartonman 11-22-2011 11:04 AM

Issues I need resolved!!
I have a CVA Hawkins that I have had some issues with, that I hope I can resolve. I started out with a #11 percussion cap, that even with the touchhole chamber clean, seemed to just plain fail every shot. I have new powder, and to "ignite" the powder, I put a few grains of the ff powder in the clean out port, and this is when and only the gun would go off. This gun did not have a proper screw in the clean out port, so I ordered a musket cap conversion, and a proper clean out screw, I sure hope this helps...any and all advise appreciated. al in Illinois

Ron pa 11-22-2011 12:38 PM

Re: Issues I need resolved!!
If you have the side clean out screw out, try running a pipe cleaner into the hole. Could be crud build up in there. This would limit the spark from the cap going in to ignite the charge? The Missus used to shoot a CVA Hawken and several Caps had to be used to dry the chamber out before loading the Gun. Hope this helps...

zimmerstutzen 11-22-2011 01:29 PM

Re: Issues I need resolved!!
Yep sounds like the flash channel is constricted or blocked.

Also what kind of powder? Some of the modern fake powders are difficult to ignite. A pipe cleaner through the clean out screw opening is a good idea.

According to my old catalogue the CVA Hawken had a drum and nipple system.. Keep in mind that unless powder gets down into the flash channel, the spark from the nipple must go through that small hole in the nipple, down about another 3/16, make a right turn, go another half inch to the base of the powder chamber where it can ignite the powder. If you have powder getting down into the flash channel the ignition is more certain. For that reason, when folks are ready to load, they pour the powder down the barrel and give the gun a few smacks from the side to help the powder settle into the flash channel. If you shine a light through the clean out screw, can you see it from the muzzle? and vice versa?

Here is a cut away view of your breech set up:

C.O. Hones 11-22-2011 04:31 PM

Re: Issues I need resolved!!
Dartonman have you ever tryed to remove the breechplug or the bolster? If you have gotten these out of alignment it aint gonna work, You never try to remove these, Is your cleanout screw too long, covering the bottom of your nipple? I believe a 22 cal wire brush will fit into the bolster to clean it good. I've had mine for 20 years and never a problem. I love mine and I hope you get yours straightened out.......John

dartonman 11-23-2011 11:26 AM

Re: Issues I need resolved!!
Thanks so much for the help...the gun is now spotless, and free flowing boiling water poured in from the barrel, and out the cleanout hole, and the light is shining bright when looking down the barrel...the cleanout screw is definately too long, and the new one is on its way from a great guy in Michigan..I do believe it hampered flow of the spark. I also have a brand new #11 nipple for it if I convert back or run out of musket Im looking into load developments...thanks so much to you guys for the advise, and Im using FFG Hodgdon loose powder...hope its good for Illinois whitetails. al

zimmerstutzen 11-23-2011 12:46 PM

Re: Issues I need resolved!!
Just shorten the clean out screw.

C.O. Hones 11-23-2011 03:53 PM

Re: Issues I need resolved!!
Al be sure and let us know if any of these anecdotes work, keep us informed.....John

dartonman 11-24-2011 02:23 AM

Re: Issues I need resolved!!
I sure will John...I just put the musket cap conversion, and the new "short" proper fitting cleanout screw on, plan on shooting it really, really soon over the it true I should trim down the front sight, and how much should I trim, I dont believe Ill be shooting past 70 yards max. al

zimmerstutzen 11-24-2011 04:09 PM

Re: Issues I need resolved!!
Shoot at least a hundred shots before doing anything to the sights. Also with alot of muzzleloaders the rear sight is the one that needs alteration. For some reason, alot of manufacturers put the really worst rear sights for fine aiming

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