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Stalag13 10-01-2019 09:55 AM

Baselayer Help/Opinons
Good Morning all,

I am looking at purchasing a base-layer top/bottom. I am not looking to pay an arm and a leg but want something decent. I want something that is good for stand sitting. I have a UA top but I don't particularity feel it does much.

I tend to sweat bit so I don't feel like I need anything super thick. I am mostly looking for a compression type clothing. I don't mind layering on top once I get to the stand. Again I hunt mostly in the stand here in PA up through Christmas, so I hit all types of weather.

I also am unsure as to go with a regular baselayer or a mid-weight, based on what I said above.

Here are a few of the ones I've looked at, any opinions/reviews would be much appreciated. I am trying to stick with F&S/Dicks or Cabelas/Bass Pro due to gift cards.

The first two are solely based on the current price.

I saw these but again I am looking for more of a compression type shirt.

Thanks Again!

Stalag13 10-02-2019 01:55 PM


LIVTOHUNT 10-02-2019 02:18 PM

I have UA and i never wear it. Merino wool lightweight is the best layering system i have found. It is comfortable when hot or cold , dries quickly and has enough stretch that i don't feel bound up. UA always seemed like i would stay wet for hours if i sweated getting in to the stand. Loose fitting clothes will trap more air and help to stay warmer. Minus 33 is a cheaper brand of merino and i don't see any difference with it than the first lite stuff i have.

JJ4D 10-02-2019 02:59 PM

I wear UA base layers 2.0, 3.0, and 4.0 depending on the temp and how long I'm going to sit. They work extremely well as long as you dont sweat setting up in the morning. When it's really cold I will dress into the warm base layers right at my tree. It can be in the teens and Ill wear a thin long sleeve camo top and thin leggings just so I don't sweat.

My next purchase will be mernio wool base layers. My socks are merino wool and you just cant beat it!!

Piker8 10-02-2019 03:02 PM

I have many tops and bottoms from Cabela's that you showed. I wear them regularly when hunting. I usually buy at end of season when they are 50% off. Another base layer I just started using is 32 Degrees from Costco. Tops and bottoms cost $8 each. Can't beat em for the price and I feel they work just as good as other brands that cost way more.

Stalag13 10-02-2019 04:09 PM

Thanks for the replies. All good info. Still trying to look at F&S, Dicks, Cabelas as that is where I have gift cards for.

rugerno1 10-03-2019 07:55 AM

I wear merino wool baselayers and when it's really cold I add military fleece as a mid layer. The nice thing about merino wool is that it's wicking like a performance fabric, and works in all weather. It also doesn't trap odors as much as other fabrics. Check those three places for Merino base layers. I find the UA stuff/performance fabrics work (almost as good as merino) if you're moving, but doesn't cut it for sitting in the cold.

Stalag13 10-03-2019 09:12 AM

I will check for the Merino wool. I have the similar experience with UA. Good when moving and body heat is flowing but like you said doesn't cut after you are sitting there for a while.

Stalag13 10-03-2019 02:17 PM

Made my order, feel free to close this thread

rugerno1 10-04-2019 07:53 AM


Originally Posted by Stalag13 (Post 3624319)
Made my order, feel free to close this thread

Don't leave us hangin'! What did you order????

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