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pallyking 08-29-2019 01:25 PM

Can someone tell what is on this buck
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This buck is a buck I’ve been watching the last 3 years. I even shot his twin brother last year. I’m hoping to get a chance at him this year. He came out the other night with this lump on him. I’m concerned about what it could be.

Wingatchtochwilsit 08-29-2019 02:05 PM

Looks like a fibroma. Harmless and only in the skin.

grouse11 08-30-2019 10:45 AM

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I dont believe it is a fibroma. Every fibroma I have seen has been hairless. Almost like a large scabby wart. I shot a buck a few years back covered in them and they were much looser, hanging off not tight to the skin, hairless, and many burst open and puss filled (nasty). photo attached. It is most likely a hydrocyst which will also not affect the meat.

Born2Hunt 08-30-2019 11:15 AM

I have seen that Bump on a buck before.

Pa Teeny 08-30-2019 01:41 PM

I had a buck in rifle season that had a mass like was on the lower stomach closer to sack....I cut it out and then preformed the autopsy on the mass and it was pus and infection that did not heal.....not sure what caused it.....stink...oh yes...meat was fine.

My experience

OAWC 08-30-2019 01:59 PM

Looks like a big ol' rack if you asked me....great buck!


Muzz 09-01-2019 09:42 PM

My buddy shot a buck that had a bump like that about 25 years ago. It was hard, and in the muscle. We cut it open and there was a round ball from a muzzle loader in it. No infection or anything, just hard scar tissue.

Bigbrownie 09-01-2019 10:00 PM

My son sent me this pic he just got from where we hunt. Growths on neck and its side.

35 whelen 09-01-2019 10:27 PM

Right in the thick part of the shoulder blade. Wonder if there is a broadhead stuck in there? Good luck getting him then you will find out.

johnny v. 09-01-2019 10:31 PM

A few years ago when I had my camp in Tionesta I shot a 7pt that had the same type of growth on his neck I didn't notice it before I shot due to the fact that he was facing the opposite direction when I shot .It turned out that it was a puss sack that formed from being shot the year before and the deer was full of infection . That info was provided by a game warden who came to my camp and examined it after I tagged and draged it back to my camp. He was nice enough to provide me with a replacement tag and take the deer .
Its possible that the deer in the photo was shot or injured and has the same problem . Just by looking at the first photo it looks just like the one on the deer I shot.

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