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DIYASUB 10-06-2016 12:46 AM

It's been noticed by the moderation team that there is an increasing amount of posts that are intended to be negative and/or to be non-constructive criticism of another member. This takes the form of mocking something said or shown in a picture, denigrating game taken by another member, and so forth.

Such posts are not acceptable on this forum. They will be removed by the moderators, who will also discuss each such instance and decide on appropriate actions to be taken. In some cases, warnings will be issued. In some cases, if the post is deemed meriting of such, suspensions and/or bans will be enacted.

This is not the kind of behavior that is condoned or tolerated on HPA. It is not what makes our community stronger. Tearing down other hunters does nothing of any benefit for our sport, and is of no use to anyone on this forum, including the person who posts such things. Such posts need to stop. Now.

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