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mrbb 03-04-2016 10:05 PM

weapon safety
OK NOT sure if this is in the right section or not
but does anyone else see a problem with all the TV shows and video's being made showing a weapon being pointed at the camera, from fully drawn bows to rifles and shotguns
I know some can say its a camera on a tri pod or likes
but many many times it see the camera being panned in and out and moving, so I doubt that is a real case in MOST show's video's I see

NEXT I will bet many say the firearm was unloaded,
OK< maybe so, but wasn't NEVER pointing a firearm at anything you don't plan to shoot a basic safety course teaching??

and a drawn bow/x bow? is pretty hard to say was empty??

I mean I personally think its setting a LOT of bad examples , I mean kids tend to do what they see being done on TV, the world is full of Morons that watch TV and want to be like what they see on TV
Gun safety seems to be lacking by example here

is it just me that thinks this or??

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