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huntr4477 12-18-2015 01:59 PM

Old Pittsburgh gun shops
Does anyone on here remember the name of the gun shop that was in Pittsburgh's strip district,off Smallman St.,maybe 35-40 years ago? I bought a few guns there,and all my re-loading supplies. I was trying to remember the name,and it has been bugging me for days!

SlickShot 12-18-2015 08:52 PM

Re: Old Pittsburgh gun shops
Was it Firearms Unlimited? They were in East Liberty though...
or maybe The Hunt Armory?

Twowithone 12-19-2015 12:14 AM

Re: Old Pittsburgh gun shops
Don't remember that 1. The old Firearms unlimited used to be 10 blocks from me bought my 06 there that's been gone a long time.You got Bravermans out in Wilkensburg.

SlickShot 12-19-2015 12:23 AM

Re: Old Pittsburgh gun shops
How about Antique Gun Parts? That was in Regent Square, I bought my Thompson Center Flintlock there in the 80`s...

Twowithone 12-19-2015 12:30 AM

Re: Old Pittsburgh gun shops
Wow that's where I bought my TC 50 cal too.

Bumble Bea 12-19-2015 02:31 AM

Re: Old Pittsburgh gun shops
I was thinking about that place a couple weeks ago and I can't remember their name. Pretty sure it was on 35th St in the strip.

Twowithone 12-19-2015 02:42 AM

Re: Old Pittsburgh gun shops
I just tried a google search and came up empty.35th and rr you got the lumber yard dunno.

huntr4477 12-19-2015 03:13 AM

Re: Old Pittsburgh gun shops
Nope it wasn't Firearms Unlimited in East Liberty. I bought some guns there too. There was also a Firearms Unlimited/Gunners Den located in Monroeville Mall years ago. I also remember Antique Gun Parts in Regent Square,and Esman's in Pitcairn was also a good gunshop back then. Bumble Bea ,I believe you are right,it was on 35th st.
I have an envelope with the sales receipts from all my guns somewhere in my house. I gotta look for it before this drives me I bought my first deer rifle there.


jayd4wg 12-19-2015 04:16 AM

Re: Old Pittsburgh gun shops
what about the two gun shops in North Hills, there was one near Rico's on Evergreen..that was back in 90 or so. then there was the one by the library on 19, 9012 Old Perry Hwy to be exact. HiTec Handguns lives there now, and when the old shop went out of biz i bought 4 10rd magazines for a marlin 25mn for 5 bucks each

huntr4477 12-19-2015 10:44 AM

Re: Old Pittsburgh gun shops
The place down the strip was Skeet Trap! The on off Evergreen N. Hills was Flaig's,it was in an old log hunting lodge.


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