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chester farmer 04-01-2015 08:07 PM

What are schools teaching
Yesterday were driving and my 15yr old is talking about school and there discussion about war. It caught my ear. I said what do you think ? Well from what my teacher says nothing has ever been resolved through war. There pointless. REALLY!!! I said. Well let's go through a few!! 20 min later she is like well they never told us all that! I told her to research it herself. And show her teacher. What the heck. U can't rewrite history but I guess leaving out some vital details to show your view is ok. Had to vent. I knew things were twisted in our schools but nothing ever accomplished!!????

Pa-Guy 04-02-2015 05:54 AM

Re: What are schools teaching
Yea, our tax dollars at work.

hacimsaalk 04-02-2015 12:39 PM

Re: What are schools teaching
If you think that's ridiculous, take a look at how they're re-writing math with the "common core" standards. Makes 0 sense and takes twice as long as what we all learned. If it isn't broke don't fix it...

good ole boy 04-02-2015 02:13 PM

Re: What are schools teaching
Plus they try to push their own liberal views onto kids too,especially in college.

zimmerstutzen 04-03-2015 02:09 AM

Re: What are schools teaching
5th grade history book my daughter had mentioned that the first child of English parents born in the new world was Virginia Dare at the lost colony of Roanoke Island in 15 whatever. Next page The first English women coming to the new world landed in Jamestown in 1606. Even the 5th graders realized the error.

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