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Lucius 11-10-2010 06:22 AM

Susquehanna River Main Branch Walleye Report
Walleye are running in nice sized schools in the York Haven and Brunner Island areas. Four days of shore fishing, for me this past week has yielded twenty-four jack salmon ranging in size from 14-22 inches, with a couple of fat four and five pound fish.

Mister Twister rarely fails--the yellow 3 and four inch variety presented on a chartreuse green or hot pink 1/8-1/4 ounce jig has consistently produced, with white twisters in the same size a close second and flake green a nice change up.

A tip for the shore bound angler:

Don't give up if you catch a few fish at dusk and the bite slows down. Susquehanna River Walleye move in moving schools, i.e. they follow the prey fish, thus--in my experience, often circling back to a good shore spot several times in the same night. I like to return to my car to warm up or doze a bit, then head back out and make a few score more casts. And most importantly, fish rocks wherever you find them on the edge of fast and slow current, but beware the lurking Striper if your rig isn't up to the task--I've been spooled more than once. If it's Walleye's red eyes season!

Capt. Nick 12-13-2010 09:03 PM

Re: Susquehanna River Main Branch Walleye Report
Did you see any Skis caught?It should be heating up there by now.I only made 1 ski trip there last Dec.1 strike &saw 2 more.I did get a 19in. eye in after dark though.jan & feb we were snowed in so I never made it back.

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