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Drilling Creating Jobs ?

Let me start off by saying this is a serious question....not just something to stir the pot or have folks start bashing the Gas industry

I was watching one of the news channels the other night and a politician was on there praising the drilling industry and tearing apart the nay sayers on drilling.
One of his primary staements was that the drilling in these "depression like" areas is creating a ton of local jobs on the rigs.
Is it actually creating jobs on the rigs and drilling sites or is it more of a chain reaction such as hotels, restuarants and other services.
The reason I ask is...I dontlive in a drilling county, but do have a camp in Tioga Co.
While up there over Memorial Day weekend, I noticed a lot of trucks with OK, TX and other mid west SW plates on them.
When I visited a site for a tour it seemed that almost of them moved here from other states but already worked for the drilling company.

Are there any HPA members who are from Pa, lived in Pa prior to the drilling and it has helped tremendously (and I dont mean the gas royalties or drilling rights payments)
I mean guys and gals that were unemployed and the Gas industry has put them back into making a solid living?

Thanks and again, please dont start bashing on this thread, I seriously would like good answers.

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Re: Drilling Creating Jobs ?

Most of the benefit that I've seen or heard of has been the "chain reaction" you speak of. Restaurants, hotels, etc getting more business, as well as local industries (pipe manufacturing for example) that can supply the gas industry.

The down side to that "chain reaction" is that hotel room rates and rental rates have skyrocketed in some small pa towns, making rent darn near unaffordable for the locals. Hotel rates in Dubois where we hunt dear were almost twice what they charge at hotels here in Pittsburgh that are 20 minutes from the airport.

edit: spelling.

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Re: Drilling Creating Jobs ?

I would say as the industry gets some years here you will see natural attrition and Pa residents will begin to replace and fall into the work force on the rigs....

A lot of support industry is using Pa workers...It is still new here been a way of life in Tx Ok La for a good number of years and around that machinery some experience would be beneficial...

wmu 3A
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Re: Drilling Creating Jobs ?

I am from Pa and I have a job in the gas industry, making 3 times the money, then if I got a job doing what I got my degree from penn state for. I have 8 guys on my crew, all from Pa. I would say most of the pre drilling work is from residents, and the drilling is from guys that have had training, and know how to do ut! When you are spending millions on 1 well, you are going to go with guys that have been doing it, and those are the guys from the south. But with more and more training, residents will get more and more drilling jobs. Don't believe what the tv or papers say; many many locals have great jobs and great pay now!
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Re: Drilling Creating Jobs ?

Actually, most companies won't pay for your room if it is over 100 a night! I would say, hotels have dropped rates to make themselves available to the companies! I stay by the pittsburgh airport, with a king suite, 2 flat screens, and a jucuzzi in my room, and its 80 bucks! Tell me where you can get that anywhere else?
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Re: Drilling Creating Jobs ?

I saw a map of the US the other day where counties that had higher than average employment gains were noted. The counties where drilling has been going gang busters, were among those counties with higher than average employment gains.


One of my customers here is from Bradford County. His dad runs a crane operating business. His dad, for 15 years, ran one crane. Now he runs 5. That means 4 other crane operators have jobs, and the attendent people to that operation.

My brother, a land surveyor, talks with a survyor in Wellsboro. Used to have one surveying crew. He now runs 4.

The number of triaxle dump trucks running the roads upstate is insane. They are helping to build well pads. Someone is driving those trucks.

Lets see, the gas companies last year wrote checks to landowners for over a BILLION dollars. That money is going to show up in people going out to eat more often, buying newer cars, maybe more toys, and other amenities. Someone is selling and servicing these items, thus,more jobs created.

It is such a simple economic principle, that it is a wonder that so few can understand it, but, when money flows into an area, wealth is created and jobs are a result.

The highest income areas in the US lie just outside Washington DC, and we all know how much money flows there. LOL

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Re: Drilling Creating Jobs ?

Penn State did a pretty comprehensive study about the impact and it showed good job creation. I live in a drilling county and most of the job gains I see are support (trucks, road building, etc...)
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Re: Drilling Creating Jobs ?

There are a TON of jobs going to local people. Both my Father-In-Law and my Brother-In-Law work for a fracking company. Half the town I grew up in is now working for the gas industry. There is no hotels there and very few other "chain reaction" businesses there. I have 2 close friends drilling, two more that work for supply companies for the wells, and my cousin just started with one of the pipeline companies. Everyone who has a CDL is now hauling water, sand, gravel, or stone for the gas companies. Here is a local article showing the economic inpact.


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Re: Drilling Creating Jobs ?

I wonder how many of the Texas, and Oklahoma workers will actually become Pa Residents? Right now they are paying taxes to Pa and the local governments for working here too.
Our population can grow if all of these out of staters....relocate, which means more revenue for the state and local governments..
During the last bobcat season when I visited the Northern Tier I was amazed at the number of people in resturants, donut places, mini marts, gas stations. Sure looked like people stimulating the economy in the region. Also what made me like this was people were working.. No hand outs from Uncle or the state (Welfare) to nonworkers...
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Re: Drilling Creating Jobs ?

They are estimating the increase of NEW residents to grow from anywhere from 50k to 150K in some of the north central counties. Its a good boom for some of those areas and I know that hotels all the way in Scranton and Wilkes Barre are full of drillers, etc that are working in Wyoming, Bradford and Susquehanna counties..... This is great for the local towns that were know only for their Meth labs and problems in the past. Many rock quarries, pipe guys, truckers, etc, etc ,etc are supporting their families and helping pay taxes for our govt to waste. It's a great thing as long as it is watched and kept safe........

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