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I saw someone else's "Newbie" thread and read through the posts. I will be getting the catalogs that most have said to get to order supplies from. I looked on and you need to basically provide your first born to them to get started posting. But you get on that site or any site for that matter and its not directed towards where you live.

Just like fishing, up steam about 100 yds I could be nailing trout left and right, move down because someone said theirs bigger trout, not a bite.

I've seen this forum has been active and once again PA hunters and trappers won't let me down. I think we have the best following over any other state.

With all that being said....

I want to get into trapping. I have some knowledge from a buddy that I used to run around with before I moved. But that was only enough to set a "pan trap" if that's what their called. Your normal foot hold trap, critter steps on pan and wham its foot is held. I know I can buy books, then they collect dust after I learn the basic art of trapping. So I don't want to buy books if I don't have to.

I know about sifting dirt, I just need to make sifting pan.

I'm located in Snyder county, near Penn creek. In will be trapping in the mountains, where I live. And also on my great uncles farm which has a good crick running through it. My grandfather told me that my great uncle's dad trapped mink at the farm, but that was more than 30 yes ago.

I'm looking for insight on techniques, and how to on trapping in these areas.

Kind of looking for a close knit group of trappers to be in contact with.

I'm thinking about being the PA Trappers, if I pay postage, could someone send me a few back issues of the magazine, or what they put out monthly?

2013-2014 1st year trapping
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