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Re: Anyone do out of state trapping

Rups has sound advice above. The biggie is having a good place to stay, skin, etc. Don't forget about a place to dispose of carcasses also. Plan on having enough time, a week for a hunting trip works, but it's not long enough for most trapping trips.There's a learning curve anywhere, if you head north, west, or south. We haul chest freezers with us to freeze fur until we come home. Think of the worst the weather can do to you and then figure You are going to get some of that ! Oh and take an extra everything, If you do it enough, things do go wrong. Flat tires, trailer bearings, freezer failure, tornadoes are some things that come to mind. You can't stop things from happening, but if you're prepared, they aren't bad.

Oh, and when you get back you'll be tired and sore if you did it right, but you'll say you had the time of your life
Good Luck
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