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Is she right?

Intelligence without wisdom is Modern Society............
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No, not at all.....and not just because it is Ophra saying it.

I personally have a "very distant" relationship with the church, and do not feel the need to be a racist, homophobic serial killer.

I have no desire to burn my neighbor's house down, steal money from a charity or just be evil in general.

You do have to consider Ophra's background. She grew up in a more religious environment from what I understand and, just as I consider myself a good person due to my upbringing, (even though a religious component is very small), I'm sure she feels she was brought up "the right way" as well.
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ďI prefer my kid hunt and fish rather than steal and deal,Ē
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No. Church membership and attendance is much higher in the US than it is in European countries.

But the US has a huge problem with mass shootings and Europe does not.

The video games as a cause also fails for similar reasons. Video games are very popular all over the world. They are probably just as popular in Europe as here, and probably even more popular in Japan and Korea than in the US. And we have the mass shootings problem, and they do not.

Mental illness probably occurs at similar rates in humans all over the world. So the mental illness factor also does not explain why the US has high rates of mass shooting and other countries do not. Although other countries may have better care for people with mental illness. The Dayton killer was probably a schizophrenic. He told people that he heard voices in his head.

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I donít put any stock in what Oprah has to say.
BUT yes America has a morality problem!!!
It is an the cause of the downfall of this country and has been the downfall of every major society in history that has fallen.

America has been blessed by God more then any other nation in history.
How have we thanked Him. By taking prayer out of schools in 1962 , legalization of killing babies in 1970ís, illegal to display 10 commandments, doing away with sodomy laws in 2003 , legalization of same sex marriage. Catholic Church hiding child molesters and getting away with it.
Our government is so corrupt and dishonest that they will lie cheat and smear anyone who gets in their way or agenda. Slick Willy Clinton is already lying about his involvement with Epstein. A child molester that was let go because of his connections before. Winestein still on the loose.(rapist with many politician friends) We have a broken justice system because of all the corruption and dishonesty.
Yes the church has become irrelevant because of fewer attendees, straying away from Gods word (The Bible) and the truths and morality that it teaches.(Oprah HELPED WITH THAT) The only place you can find the real truth. So churches have become social gatherings for bake sales, spaghetti dinners and bingo, movie nights. Highly ineffective!
We have a debt higher then we can possibly repay or manage that just gets ignored now!
Financial people have been wondering what is keeping it up. So far the corruption and manipulation has worked. But itís only a matter of time.
Look at the left that is running for president! Completely void of any reverence for God!!!
Completely void of any common sense! Completely void of any policies that would work. These people are complete morons! These are the people who are in leadership in government positions. That stand up and say we have had these problems for years and nobody asks them why they havenít done anything about it in the position they have been in for years . But rest assured if they become president they will do something about it. Lol!
This country is already past the point of no return! Itís only down hill from here on out!

To whom much is given much is required!
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Political correctness perpetuates 90% of the problems in the U.S. both directly and indirectly.

Remember.... they're full time deer......we're part time hunters!
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Originally Posted by flintlock hunter View Post
Political correctness perpetuates 90% of the problems in the U.S. both directly and indirectly.
P C and the fear of being labeled or fired or reprimanded for calling things the way they are.
If itís wrong or not ďnormal ď. Thatís why we have past the point of no return.
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Yep, the cowardess of being afraid that you will be criticized if you say what yu really believe and then remain silent when you want to scream to anyone within hearing distance about something that is ridiculous and being pushed by the left is what allowed us to get where we are, fear of being shamed by some leftist twit on facebook or twitter. There is a solution, don't read that crap on those sites.

When you are up to your butt in alligators, it is hard to remember your intent was to drain the swamp. Stay focused!
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I carry a gun because I'm to young to die and to old to take a ass whipping.
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Originally Posted by coyotejohn View Post
That describes the typical liberal politician! She’s just a go between.
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Yes, I can't believe I am saying this, but I agree with her, in part. Churches are just once segment of society that can help bring a moral compass to us "Sinners" It does not mean that churches are NECESSARY to keep society Moral, but they do help. The religious aspect aside, they provide a foundation for community and socialization. I think most of these mass shooters are anti-social and are self removed from normal society. Schools and fraternal organizations can also provide the same benefits.
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