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Philadelphia's Sugary Drinks Tax Goes Well For Working Philadelphians

A Liberal City Government knows what is good for You, Just ask them! Then grab a cold one, and sit back and watch!

The citizens of Philadelphia have been rocked by a tax on sugary drinks like soda, although the hike was intended to improve their health.

As outlined by Hotair on Saturday, the “soda tax” has actually led to Philadelphia residents traveling outside the city to buy their soda (and likely other goods), decreased the city’s revenue, and led to layoffs in the local beverage industry and cut hours for employees at small markets. It did not, however, lead to an increase in healthier beverage purchases in the city.

When the soda tax was first announced, workers at Pepsi took a hit. “With sales slumping because of the new Philadelphia sweetened beverage tax, Pepsi said Wednesday that it will lay off 80 to 100 workers at three distribution plants that serve the city,” reported in March of 2017.

And last month, the local outlet reported that the owner of Acme Markets, who has 16 stores in Philadelphia, had to cut employees’ hours because of the tax: “The beverage tax fell on about 4,000 items. In Acme city stores, soda sales dropped as much as 80 percent. Sales of other items covered by the tax, such as juices, creamers and energy drinks, were down 30 percent, and the number of customers declined by 5 percent. Philly stores cut an average of 150 to 200 employee hours per week, resulting in lighter paychecks for employees."

But the hit the employees took did not equate to a win for the “health” of its citizens. As noted by Hotair, Philadelphia residents were traveling outside the city to avoid the tax hike on their drinks.

A CNN report on a study from medical journal JAMA focused in on the 51% drop in city soda purchases, but admitted: “While researchers found that sales of sugary beverages fell in Philadelphia after the tax, beverage sales in nearby towns and counties without the tax went up. That suggests people may have been traveling to get their soda at a reduced price.”

“People stopped buying their soda in the city (and almost undoubtedly a lot of other shopping list items) and decided to shop where prices were lower,” Hotair noted.

So was there at least an uptick in healthier beverage purchases because of the tax? Nope. “Philadelphia did not see an increase in sales of untaxed beverages such as bottled water,” CNN reported.

CNN did not discuss the revenue hit Philadelphia took, but Hotair did: “The tax on soda increased by 17%, but the sales fell by 51%. So, let’s look at this assuming one million ounces of soda was sold annually before the tax went into effect. If sales had remained the same, the city would have realized $62,400.00 in revenue instead of $54,300.00. But with the volume cut in half, they managed to slash their revenue to $31,200.00.”
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"The trouble with our liberal friends is not that they're ignorant: It's just that they know so much that isn't so." - Ronald Reagan
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Everyone knew their sugar tax was going to backfire.
How they (city council) didn't see it still boggles my mind...
Heck, it doubled the cost of a 2l bottle of soda... of course anyone and everyone with the means to buy outside city limits was going to do so.
Kicker is it applies to diet/sugar-free beverages too...

Glad I moved out years ago, haven't spent a dime in that cesspool since, and don't plan to ever again.
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Only a total moron would not know what was going to happen! The beauty of their stupidity is that the tax did not reduce soft drink consumption, it just reduced income for those manufacturing and selling soft drink. As Mr. Gump so aptly stated, "stupid is as stupid does"!

When you are up to your butt in alligators, it is hard to remember your intent was to drain the swamp. Stay focused!
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Personally I do not believe this is about soda, sugary drinks or health issues. It is about government taxing a product to control the people. By placing that tax on sugary drinks the government in Philadelphia has forced (controlled) people in the city to travel outside the city to purchase the product.
It has happened with cigarettes, now soda and goodness knows what is next.
I wonder what outer cities across the nation are experiencing the same, or similar, taxation on products with the bogus reasoning to protect people / improve health?

BTW - does anyone remember when Ed Rendell was Mayor of Philadelphia and tried to impose a "Regional Tax" on residents of counties that bordered on Philadelphia because, according to Rendell, residents of these counties used city services?
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According to the mayor, the soda tax is working. Just ask him
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Originally Posted by joe8768 View Post
According to the mayor, the soda tax is working. Just ask him
How could a policy in a Democrat regime ever fail? Preposterrous!

Of course its doing exactly as intended, driving all tnose "low paying" jobs out of the city, and......wait......what was it SUPPOSED to do again????????
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Heaven has a gate, walls, and strict immigration policy.... enough said.
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Typical politics, Kenney will win at the polls tomorrow in the primary and again in November because he put the money into playgrounds, head start kindergarten. He also funded other unrelated projects too, but that's just politics.
A large soda at McDonalds clearly is marked on the receipt as $ .72city sweet beverage tax.
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Also, retire people like me once the wife retires this year. While looking at some open houses in Bucks county a few weeks ago the realtor asked what area I was looking at. I said to her that I want to move to an area where there are more republicans. She didnít get it. So. I rephrased it and said where people are proud to fly the America Flag.

I also joked with her that where I live the Russians are moving out because let them go Larry (DA) and the mayor are ruining this city
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Stay out of cities, period....
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they screwed this up from the start .
its too much on too narrow a product .
they should have taxed the drug caffeine instead
a smaller tax a on a more widely spread product.

oh FYI
the tax wasn't to make you get healthy
the tax was imposed to fund children's preschool programs , libraries ,school lunch and after school programs
after the state cut off funding towards those
why do you hate kids??

Da hawk ate my baby!!

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