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Re: Good sign?

you had em in 2 traps and it STILL got out????

you sure it wasnt stolen??? maybe it tangled just right to give it the edge to power out..or both werent caught good..hard to tell..

i started building my haysets with 1 trap...or 2 traps set so they are far enough apart the critter cant get in both...i had a yote tangle in 2 traps and didnt like what i was NOT going anywhere though..

i dont use hay/straw from a bail...being best friends with a farmer has its perks...i sweep the barn floors and use the fine loose stuff to make my sets...whatever is left at the bottom of my bucket is real fine stuff and that is what i cover my traps with..

i use the hay and my lure placement to guide them onto the pan...ive taken 4 yotes in hay sets and 2 reds in a similar set in my trapping adventures..

also make sure your traps are tuned good and have some pan tension..mine are all night latched with about 2# of tension..havent had a catch that wasnt buried in the trap and not going anywhere..
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