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Re: Pull the traps for coon?????

they were moving well tonite....

treed 2 and a couple den trees...shot 1 nice boar..probably go 2x maybe rubs..not stained bad..

the other looked to be a good boar as well but of course he was in the back yard of a house so i left him up the tree..

had no trouble getting tracks struck clear up till 1030 or so...trees and limbs started falling so i headed home for safeties sake..windy woods in the day scare me...wind at nite is pretty terrifying when tree tops start twisting off all around in the dark..

looks like the hound dog will be bummed out and laid up a bit till this cold spell breaks again...will give me time to catch up on the fur..1 more batch and the freezer will be empty...a couple more boards for next season will do me well...
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