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Re: Pull the traps for coon?????

Its breeding season....all beta are off on coon movement...I've treed em cold temps with more than a dusting of snow on the ground....

If the traps are on your canine line or you dont mind checking them even if they arent as hot as they were and want more coon, I'd leave em set unless we get a major snow storm...

Some are rubbing but like every year, not all of them...shot 3 the other nite...1 was rubbed which actually had.more than.rubbing going on...when i brushed him fur came off in globs...he would have went 4x...the other went 5x...the first one i shot went xl...looked big till he hit the ground...but this time of year i typically tree my biggest coon of the year...

If you need good consistent catches, id pull em though...movement isnt real predictable...the boars run from den tree to den tree looking for love...

Saturday with 45 and sunny every coon in the woods will be out i am betting..
Ive found sunny days are good even if cold..sunshine warms the den tree and they come.down for a quick is cold but i still may hunt tonite...its sunny.and will get to 30 or so..
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