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Re: Corbett and PA filing Federal Lawsuit against NCAA

So now... With all we know, and have yet to know...& perhaps will never know..
We are to believe Penn State is a victim ? How sad.... It was a den of thieves and liars Paterno, Sandusky, PSU, The scum bag President, A/D & every other person, business, enterprise who benefited from covering this up for 20+ years...all with significant reasons to act complicity ...PSU as the place, the institution that enabled & covered up the most atrocious vial despicable Monster, criminal who prayed on children....& ..peddling influence that perpetuated criminal activity at practices, locker rooms, games & associations... Providing the animal predator with a hunting ground, and the bait via the PSU football program & a legendary coach to attract these children...& then unceremoniously dismiss the many signs & signals of depravity on and in their hallowed campus in the PSU name...
I can't believe any one associated with PSU before, then or now is willing to pick the scab and re-open the wounds associated with this PSU horror story....
Unless they are CYA'ing or working pre emptively for re election....
IMHO... Save it ! Take your much deserved medicine... You shoulda got much much worse...
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