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Re: Since the season is essentially over....

Wallace and Spinderella have to go. It's not a money thing totally, they have the wrong attitude. Colon needs restructured. McClendon will be back, as I think he's the Snack's heir apparent. Starks? Who do they have better? Leftwich is bye bye. Plax-we hardly knew ya, bro. Special Teams coaching needs addressed. A new kicker perhaps as well, someone who can hit a 50 yarder at least. Troy needs a redone deal, loaded with incentives. Clark comes back. He's not the best FS, but I don't think we get anyone better for the coin in FA or the draft. On the upside, we'll be drafting high this year. Lebeau stays if he wants. It's not a schematic problem. You don't become a #1 defense without being able to call a game. If he leaves, Keith Butler is the new DC.

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