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Re: Remington riffled barrels

In my 870 I have shot everything from Federal to Winchester. With good results at 50 yards. Past that. At 100, not even hunt-able. I mean poor poor accuracy. So not wanting to step in the the 15 dollar boxes of Remington or Hornady, that shoot a pistol bullet. (if I wanted to shoot a pistol bullet I would shoot a pistol) I wanted to shoot a slug, Like the old buck hammers! A huge heavy brush and deer devastating slug. So I bought a vintage roll crimper on ebay for 30.00, and put in an order at slugs r us. Based out of PA. I think near Bedford. Great people to deal with. They ship fast as well. I bought some hulls and 40 hammer head slugs. Rolled them behind 36.5 grains of herco. and Whammy, 5 inch group at 100 yards with open sights. At 50 2 inch group. I shot a 6 inch wide tree with one. Not the best thing to do I know. But I wanted to see what it would do. Punched right through with a massive exit hole. I can't wait to try them out on deer.
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