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Re: Trapping Videos, Interested in making one?

trapperrick, I appreciate what your saying, I truly do, and you just making sure I'm not wasting my time, someone elses time, and money, BUT... I've looked into this for about 2 years now and I already have an LLC created, bank account (with little money lol), tax information, blah blah blah, for making sure that everything is legit.

As for expensive camera gear, thats why I'm the poor college student that I am! Rough estimate is about $3500 worth of video and audio gear and about $1000 in software, so I'm not a professional but for this type of work I think I could hold my own.

If you have ever watched "Solo Hunters" on the outdoors channel, its a great show and I love the idea behind it because I am a solo hunter myself (someone who hunts and films themselves), I have better gear than they do... and their show is on the outdoor channel! Now its not all about the gear but this is all for a comparison.

I am NOT a professional and I did NOT nor AM I going to school for this, BUT I know a decent amount and I have put in a lot of time learning camera work, audio work, sony vegas pro, photoshop, and illustrator. Plus I'm a very outgoing and personable individual and believe that I could get the DVD out into our hunting and trapping community.

Did I change your opinion at all? I'm curious because if there is something I may be missing, I want to address it now before it becomes a hurdle to overcome after I've put in a lot of time and effort!

Thanks for the responses guys!

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