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Re: CWD---Adams County Captive Deer Tests Positive

Originally Posted by Bluetick
In all other states, it was the commercial deer farms that were the catalyst for introduction spread.

For those that care to remember, deer lure and scent comes from the commercial farms. A few years ago the GC vet merely suggested that the GC look at not allowing "live animal" scents to prevent the spread of the prions. That would be the urine and glandular scents sold widely for hunting use.

Outrage followed over the mere suggestion that a ban be looked at.

Yet, now we have confirmed CWD in the state off one of these commercial farms.

Anyone know if they sell urine to scent producers? Likely this years first batches are on the shelves....
I am say that they have a confirmed case from one of these farms that sell urine, then you ask if they are one of these farms.

So you really don't know if it is one of these farms that sell urine. So why make that comment? You are condemming the operation before you know that it is in deed one of them.
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