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What's up with some people selling land?

I'm not in the market for land or a cabin anytime soon but I've been looking at them for years just to stay in the loop. Is it just me or do other people notice that landowners looking to sell are getting more and more demanding over the years. I'm seeing a lot of adds that of course don't include mineral gas or timber rights any more but I'm seeing a lot more that say "no this type or that type of structure" or "this price is for a 60% share of the land". I mean, every add out there basically says "100 acres for sale. Seller retains all gas, mineral and timber rights. No single or double wide trailers allowed. No public anything and not perked. Blah blah blah" It's almost like they strip the land dry to the point you're paying to use it. Which, don't get me wrong is fine and dandy. But the kicker is always that the owners still think they are selling a prime 100 acres with all the bells and whistles and are asking that price for it. I just wish you could knock some people upside the head since their common sense surely went out the window.

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Re: What's up with some people selling land?

Some of that could be they don't own the rights. Or it's a deed restriction. Township restriction etc. some of it is has money. They want to sell because they kinda want the money but don't need it. Some are just misguided. Never buy land without timber rights. It's to unregulated and can be a huge issue. Especially if the seller lacks ownership of adjoining land to access yours.
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Re: What's up with some people selling land?

Bearklr, I also am always looking. Not now and not soon, but I will have my own land some day and Ya just never know what your going to find if you always keep an eye out. What many sellers are asking for is ridiculous. A: they don't really want to sell their land or B: their are a lot of dumb buyers now. Unless, your looking for land in the NW part of the state deals are tough to come by. I couldn't believe the price of some people asking for their cabins. Many of these cabins don't even abut any public land at all and they think they are sitting on a gold mine! I seen more one bunk room, one barely sized living room, with a falling apart privy, and they want 40,50,60,70,80K. And so I search! lol
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Re: What's up with some people selling land?

I have bought and sold quite a few of them. Savvy people " Fish" the market. You put out a silly price, knowing you will need to come down, BUT..... there is always a chance the guy with more wallet than common sense will call you. One thing for sure in this world is that anything is possible. I've been on both ends of the deal, and I will share the best one. Talked to a guy once who was selling a place. He was adamant, no realtors, no help, I am doing this all myself. He delighted in telling me he came up with his price after doing internet research. I said to myself, get ready here it comes. ( I had already pulled the parcel number and called the assessment office )
Long story short, Mr. Knowitall had the place priced about 65K UNDER value. I guess you can figure out the rest of the story, LOL !

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Re: What's up with some people selling land?

I bought 10 years ago, and right now if I was looking at buying the same property, I wouldn't be able to touch it.

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Re: What's up with some people selling land?

We purchased only 3 years ago and noway I could touch it for what the purchase price was. The big kicker with land is how restrictive loans are on pure land. I just don't get it....

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Re: What's up with some people selling land?

Just my take on this , it seem that many think nothing of paying $ 40,000 for a half acre lot in a subdivision but feel they are being robbed when asked to pay $5000 a acre for land in the northern tier ,JMO for many owning land up here will always be just a dream. and the price will only increase over the upcomeing years.

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Re: What's up with some people selling land?

Folks with more money than brains and liberal lending practices is what caused the last real estate bubble. A lot of those folks now own property valued at a lot less than they paid for it.

Sellers will almost always price at what the market will bear or above. As long as there are fools willing to pay outrageous prices...

Eight acres went up for sale next to my property in Potter a few years ago. I would have liked to buy it but it was priced at least 30% above market value. I figured I'd wait a while and make a reasonable offer. There were two full-price offers in the first week!

Fools and their money...

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Re: What's up with some people selling land?

I am glad someone started this thread. I have been looking for that year or so and just laugh at the prices people want for cabins, cabins/land these days. I would have bought by now but the prices are ridiculous and then most don`t come with mineral rights or timber rights. They want their money and then more money after that. I will be patient. I know myself, I won`t pay anywhere near $5000 for an acre of property. A lot of places you can`t even hunt out the door. High prices and then it sais "close drive to hunting". Um, no thanks. I know some will think people like me are cheap and that is cool, but I just feel rural land and camps/cabin have mostly outpriced themselves for the common man.

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Re: What's up with some people selling land?

Starting to see some timber company land and gas company land hit the market. Low nat. gas prices are driving it. Friend just got 145 ac all woods, recently timbered w/o gas for 1000/ac. Deals are out there.
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