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Camp stories

Well it's doe tag time, the bucks are getting bigger and the "juices" for deer/bear season are flowing, at least for me. Just thinking of stories and tales of camp, any way here's one from Buckhorn camp in Bald Eagle state forest. We had a member(god rest his soul) that had quite the ideas when it comes to deer. Like the hear through their hooves, and you can tell a buck by the white in their ears etc... We pot hunt opening day than drive, anyway for a whole we usually have string beans and ham on Sunday night, so he always used one of the string bean cans( the big ones) to put leftovers in for lunch. He put it at the bottom of his pine tree and would have a sterno underneath to heat it up. A couple guys joked with him that it's gonna cost him a buck yet he vehemently swore he had his rifle in his hands. One guy even bought him a wide mouth Stanley thermos, (he was very frugal) yet he refused to use it, "it won't be hot enough a noon" he would say. So about 1998 he went down and lit his sterno, and climbed back up to his 2x6 seat lashed to the branches. Well he climbed back down to eat his dinner and lo and behold a buck was staring at him, a nice basket rack mountain buck. Well needless to say his rifle was hanging up by his seat. Nobody would have ever known this story if for the following year he was heating his ham and beans on the camp stove just before breakfast with boiling water preheating his wide mouth thermos! I could tell a lot more stories just about him, but I'll save them for another day!

Anybody can shoot deer on the farm ground....You earn it in the mountains.......
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Re: Camp stories

We had an older fella in my old camp that I could tell you a million stories about. He was a pain in the rear. But I will always remember all the goofy things he did at camp. He always got up at 4:00 am every morning even though he didn't walk out the door until it was daylight. And he always had to wake everyone else up singing a very bad rendition of Gene Chandler's song Duke of Earl. Guess he was lonely waiting for everyone to sleep it off from the night before. If he wasn't singing, he was talking out loud to himself about all of the camp "rules" that everyone was breaking. "Guess Joe doesn't know where to hang his jacket in the camp...I guess I'll just have to hang it in the proper place for him". He was an "expert" on everything. Would argue with everyone about just about anything, especially when it came to the hunting regulations. I could go on forever with stories about him.

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Re: Camp stories

Those are the stories that make deer camp worthwhile....
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Re: Camp stories

Had lots of days of no success but still had a good time during and after.
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Re: Camp stories

Every sunday before the opener after supper we hold a meeting and vote our captain, than the captain pulls out 2 coffee cans for the buck pools, first buck and widest spread. A dollar a piece. Everybody puts in each, except one longtime guest who never did. It was my first year as captain so I knew who put in(one guy always used to put in all pennies or nickels!) I had scouted pretty good, and hunted hard archery, so I immediately had a game plan for Tuesday, since we potted opening day. So we drove the first drive , and we heard a shot not too long into the drive, as I was climbing down the steep bank to the road, I saw the longtime guest and he told me to stop and look for blood. I found blood at my feet and lo and behold, there was a nice basket 6pt his first buck at camp in 14 years. So we set up the next drive a holler over and he and the cook took the buck to camp, he never once mentioned the kitty. So I shot a nice 7pt driving on that next drive, it was 11:00 am so we decided to have dinner early and head out. We normally give the first buck kitty after supper the day it was shot, since a big 0 opening day..... Well when I got back the cook pulled me to the side and told me he saw George on a chair putting the kitty back on the shelf. I told him ok, I knew he hadn't put in, well halfway into his buttered roll and ham BBQ, he was asking for his kitty! I thought about making a big stink but I figured why stoop to his level, it only cost me a dollar so I gave it to him. A few years later, he got the widest spread kitty after camp was done. Since captain again I was to take it to him(he was home) I never gave it to him and he never asked for it, I bought some toilet paper and coffe with it for the camp.

Anybody can shoot deer on the farm ground....You earn it in the mountains.......
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Re: Camp stories

A camp member quit hunting early because he put his socks on inside out. A guest shot a six point buck with a revolver (the first one to do it in the camp) and only two members congratulated him. One helped skin it out and the meat was to be divided up among the members. It became deer sausage. he never got his share most likely because he went home the next morning [censored] about how the members seemed to be jealous because he got the only deer that day. Of course the story changed throughout the years and he was made the bad guy for going home the next day.

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Re: Camp stories

This was a few years ago, My one uncle went to deer camp in WV with us every year.Never shot a deer but didn't care just went for the time away from everything. We were doing a drive one day in about an hour before quitting time, had 2 or 3 guys standing and pushing, my uncle was a stander, during the drive nature called and only being a couple hundred yards from camp he went to use the outhouse. we jumped 2 bucks one was shot by my cousin. The second buck went down the mountain towards camp. My grandpa had quit early that day hears a shot looks out the window to see my uncle standing beside the outhouse with his rifle in hand and pants around hi ankles. Killed a 7pt only deer that he killed in WV in 15yr of hunting. He passed away 2yr ago but everyone still gets a good laugh about his outhouse buck!
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Re: Camp stories

Over my many years at camp (my family's and mine) I have many great memories and stories but when I started hunting 40 years ago was it was me, my uncle, my uncle's friend and my dad so we hung out a lot and spotted deer (back then in forest county to see 400 deer a night was nothing and seeing 100 deer hunting was normal but a 6 was a BIG buck). Well the second year my brother came along with my cousin, my dad, my uncle and his friend. The guys wanted to go into Marienville to make a call and have a drink so we hung out at camp (14-13-12 they might go to jail now LOL) well there was a bottle of booze near the table that we nocked over and spilled 1/2 of it we picked it up and they didn't notice until the next day when my brother got sick and we got blamed for drinking it. For years we stuck to our true story while they laughed and said no way! After a while my uncle and his buddy hunted different camps only to come back to our camp again. Well 25 years later my uncle passed and at the wake his friend slightly intoxicated ask me how old I was and that I have no reason to lie so I knew what was coming "the question" you guys drank that right and I told him no stuck to the story and was called a liar! Just a couple years ago standing at my uncles friends casket I told him now you know the truth! And yes to this day my dad 78 (today) just smiles, shakes his head and walks away. Every year we make new memories and stories some better than others and some just get better with time! Got to love camp!

live laugh love and hunt hard!

Forest county got to love it!
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Re: Camp stories

I really can't tell one of my best and funniest stories about my camp. If I did, I'd have to ban myself for being too graphic. So, I'll tell another one: I was friends with one of our DWCO's. He always stopped in camp to check on our gang, usually the day before firearms season. the guys put him up to hitting me with a false violation, then putting me in handcuffs and telling me he forgot the key at his house and had to go get it. I walked around my camp for an hour and a half in those cuffs until he showed up and took them off and let the "cat out of the bag". Thought I was gonna end up in jail for sure that day!

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Re: Camp stories

I could, and probably should, write a book of camp stories. Here is a clean one I remember. Back in the day my camp had a full roster, and 25 guys in the house on Sunday night. Our patriarch, one of the charter members was an old man then, and an extreme creature of habit. He had his own bedroom, the only single room in the place. He did all the cooking, and was the first guy up Monday morning. He also was the first man to bed, about 8 oclock each night. So Sunday night after he hits the rack they hatch this plan. After he is asleep, someone sneaks in and grabs his wind up alarm clock, and his wristwatch. They change the time so its going to go off at midnight, which he thinks is 4am. They also change all the clocks in the camp to match. When the hour comes around, 24 guys hide in the living room and wait in the dark. When the alarm goes off, the fun begins. We hear him roll out, first cussing, then farting, then the unmistakeable sound of a Zippo lighter, followed by a coughing fit as the first Camel no filter of the day is smoked. We are then treated to hearing his trip over to the bathroom. Then all is quiet as he comes down the steps. We all see him stop and look at the wall clock, another cussing session ensues. The kitchen is a left turn, away from all of us, and soon pots and pans are banging and we hear the gas grill light. Then the bomb drops, there is a small clock in the kitchen we forgot! Well all heck breaks loose as we pile out! You no good rotten sons of la la la !
He was so mad, he would not make breakfast when the time came, and nobody got any sleep at all, priceless memory!

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