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let me start off by saying this is really hard for me to type casue my mind is going a million miles a minute and please try to bear w/me! i'll start by starting at the end...the camp i am a memeber of was sold sept 24th at tax sale unbeknowngst to 4 of us members!!!! the treasurer has not paid the taxes in over 2 years or the elec bill.

it literally makes me sick to think about this. ealier in the summer we had an issue w/the elec. when it was brought up to the treasurer they took care of it and played it off as if the power co made a mistake...that was our first clue but being trusting as we were didnt take action. there are 6 members, a mother...the treasure whos husband was a founding member and instrumental in creating teh camp and their son and 4 of us who are in the dark right now (all 4 of us r related). the 4 of us had talked amonst ourselves and decided that this nov at the yearly camp meeting we were going to have the bills for camp sent to one of us and releive the treasurer (an older woman who was a member but didnt use camp anymore) from the responsibilities of camp.

on sat my great uncle calls the son of the treasurer who is also a member and starts to ask questions about camp finances...i know i know...hes not the treasurer and shouldnt be responsible for that stuff but he WAS good friends w/my great uncle and it wasnt uncommon for them to talk about this stuff. somewhere in the conversation the guy says "well those taxes havent been paid in 2 yrs"...and my great uncle just about had a heart attack! he was dumbfounded and at a loss for words. a verbal arguement broke out and ended w/ my uncle hanging up.

fast forward to tues becasue mon was a holiday and the courthouses were grandfather and great uncle drive to lock haven to the courthouse to try to get this mess straightened out. camp is in clinton co...i should have said that earlier...the lady behind the counter finds all the info and then tells then that its been SOLD!!! their jaws drop and they both hold back tears of anger...2 grown 70 cpl year old men are literally moments away from crying!

the lady behind the counter recommends that they go across the street to a lawyers office so they do. they lawyer is steve smith (which i chuckle right away casue thats the most common fly-by-night name there is) and plead their case. mr smith tells them that there is a 30 day appeal /contesting window when it comes to tax sale. he said that since you caught this with in 30 days everything SHOULD be fine. he tells them that he will call them tomm...meaning noon and they will have to be prepared to bring a certified check back to him in lock prob we can do that.

well noon goes by and now phone call fro mthe lawyer and now after 4 messages on the machine thats at the phone # we have we r getting worried! has anyone every dealt w/this lawyer?

all 4 of us agree and except the fact that this is just as much our fault for never questioning n e body or asking for proof of payments but who in their right mind would think they would ever have too??? the 4 of us can handle the fact that the previous 2 yrs expenses have been stolen and we r never going to get them back but what we cannot except is losing this camp!!! we are prepared to go to what ever financial lengths are needed to keep this ours!

i STRESS to everyone that is invovled in a group ownership camp to always ask for receipts and proof of payments from your treasurer. it doesnt matter if its family or lifelong freind...they owe it to you and it is their responsibility to make sure your money is used accordingly...DONT LET THIS HAPPEN TO YOU!!!!
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All I can offer is to tell you to keep on the lawyer, he probably has other cases he's working on or could be out working on yours. Or he could be a system lawyer. Might be wise to find one not in the system your camp is at.

I don't know how it all works but good luck, that's a terrible thing



Pray for our troops, and for our country

God Bless America
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Oh boy, what a punch in the gut. I hope the lawyer was right and did file the appeal. Sorry that it happened this way. Keep us informed. Best of luck

"Lazy people think of the easy way to do the hard stuff"
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Good luck on getting your camp back hope everything works out for you guys.
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I don't like to wait or leave things to chance, I would be stopping at the lawyers office just to "check in" and see what has developed, then you know for certain and it lights a fire under him to get it done, I would also have the certified check with me because when things happen they happen fast. Good luck to you, I hope it all works out for you.

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my grandfather and great uncle are going back up to lock haven tomm to the lawyers office...if they dont get any satisfaction then we r done w/him and will likely get a local to us lawyer. the parts that have me concerned about him are that yesterday when they met w/him he didnt want any $ up front like a "retainer" so to speak or anything like that. and second he said hed call by noon today and never did and we get his answering machine when we try to contact him. and to top it all off MY KEG JUST really hurtn here guys...sheesh
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You should be OK. He is correct about the 30 days, and, the judge can push PAUSE so to speak because you were kept in the dark due to misconduct of your treasurer. There is a 21 day window where a tax sale buyer cannot get title to the property. Just keep the heat on the attorney, you have a window to fix it, but not a big window.

"Be nice, until its time to not be nice" (Patrick Swayze...Roadhouse)
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PM Sent.... hope it helps!

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Hey Bryan, let me know if there is anything you need. You know my camp door is always open for ya
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Lawyers never answer calls and only return call after multiple messages are left. good Luck!!

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