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Re: Early Anterless Deer Question

Originally Posted by Plinkin
Does this mean that anyone with an anterless deer permit for the current season can hunt and harvest an anterless deer during Oct 18-20? With a legal firearm I want to add...

Originally Posted by BcozHunter
Only Juniors, Seniors, Disabled, and Active Military. It does NOT include Adult licensees.
Remember This season that the Junior and Senior Season OVERLAPS with?

Antlerless - Muzzleloader: Oct. 13-20
Must have a muzzleloader license.

The Legal Firearm would be some form of a Front Stuffer Along with a Muzzleloader License! So Yes, Regular Adult Hunters CAN Hunt during the Junior/Senior 3 day season, Seeing that there is an Overlap with Early Muzzleloader Season!
If your Not a Junior or Senior or Disabled, and Active Military Licensed Hunter, then you need a Muzzleloader license!

HE question, the True Answer would be, YES, with an Antlerless License and a Muzzleloader License hunting with some form of front Stuffer!
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