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Re: Earth Anchor experiences

Like Denny said, pull them straight up.and most times they come up...sometimes rather easily...pull them from an angle like a critter will be pulling and they typically arent going anywhere if set right and deep enough for the soil...

I havent had anything budge 1.5" pogo anchors...not saying it isnt possible..but itd be tough...i run short chains...a yote just cant get much vertical pull imo...they are pretty much stuck in place with a short chain..

I also use them on my bad experiences..

Ive had 1 yote catch in a foot hold fray the cable a fair bit...dont know if the cable was going bad or if there was a rock wearing on it or if the yote was chewing it...

Ive since gone to 8-10" of cable and 6" or so of chain so i dont have cable nubs sticking up and the cable is completely underground...and cable is lighter and cheaper than chain....
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