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Why a crossbow?

I'm interested in knowing how you guys came to the decision to shoot a crossbow. I've only ever shoot one once at a target, and it was more than I expected.

Personally, I'm a vertical bow guy, but one day I may be in the same shoes as each of you. I by no means am attempting to start a vertical vs horizontal battle, but I was more just seeing what made you choose a crossbow.

I know quite a few friends who shoot them, some of which were previously in the military and had shoulder injuries limiting their strength to draw a bow back, while other just seem to enjoy the weapon.

Whatever your reasoning, I'd be interested in knowing how you got involved in using the x-bow of your choice...

PSE Omen
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Re: Why a crossbow?

Accuracy in many size hands...

Dead deer in yards after hit..all 7 dead in 25 yards or less.

6 extra Saturdays for the non-verts in my family TO HUNT...

My property is under 300 yards wide, not worth the gamble of going behind a yellow line just to say : I got it with a vert.

Big reason here, WE LOVE EM...deer hate em.

"Only takes a second to change your season" Dad, 1980
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Re: Why a crossbow?

I believe this question was asked a couple months ago. When the possibility of xbows in archery season was first talked about I asked many hunters their thoughts(some archers, others were not)and below is what I think most boil down to.

Some did it, or say they do it, because of a physical problem.

Some never thought much about archery hunting until xbow were allowed and, because they like hunting deer, they look at it as an additioal six weeks to do.

Some want an earlier chance at a buck.

Some hunted with a bow but were not successful and thought it would be an easier way to kill a deer.

Some wanted to be an archery hunter but didin't want to put the time into learning to use one.

None of this is meant as a "slam" aginst anyone and should not be taken that way..
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Re: Why a crossbow?

Killed alot of deer with compounds. I live in the SRA where crossbows have been legal for a long time but continued to hunt with my compound anyway. Didn't really favor the idea of crossbow inclusion not that many years ago.

Once the debate ramped up a bit, I bought one to use in the SRA to form my own opinions and gather my own experiences with one.

I have never looked back and became a big proponent for full inclusion here in Pa and currently work promoting crossbows nationwide.

Crossbows have their advantages and disadvantages. Much the same with all weapons. For me, I just enjoy archery hunting with them and currently own three. My hunting approach hasn't changed, the time I spend scouting hasn't changed, I actually archery hunt more often now and I am still killing deer with arrows tipped with broadheads.

All that has changed is that it is a crossbows launching my arrows these days. They are way cool and I especially like hearing the stories of those that are archery hunting now and thoroughly enjoying it. All of them.

I support all hunters, regardless of weapon or technique!
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Re: Why a crossbow?

dpms the same gos for me killed over 30 with a compound just thouhgt it was time to make a switch and love it and i did not change how i hunt
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Re: Why a crossbow?

Next season, I will be using a crossbow and a compound. I am going to compare both in hunting situations. But, we bought a crossbow this past year because:

-They require much less practice to become proficient,
-The scope adds an additional 30 mins of prime time shooting capability in low light,
-The crossbow requires much less movement with deer in range,
-You can shoot a crossbow off of the gun rest on our ladderstands,
-The crossbow requires less muscle strength,
-And the list goes on...

Here is an example of why they are so much easier. We had somebody shoot a crossbow at 20 yards off of our deck minutes after we brought it home from the store. She never shot a bow before, and didn't shoot too many guns in her life. Her first shot was within a fist of the bullseye...a kill shot for sure. She never, ever would have been able to do that with a compound bow unless it was luck.

Crossbows definitely are heavier than my compound. You also must be careful that the limbs don't hit the tree you are in for a shot behind you. The kinetic energy of a crossbow is comparable to a top of the line compound. Therefore, don't attempt any shot placement that you wouldn't attempt with a compound. The shooting style is very similar to a rifle, but a bolt is far from a bullet. Be smart and ethical about your hunt and I have no issue with what weapon you use.

The advantages greatly outweigh the disadvantages. You will see many people making the switch in the next few years.

God Bless the USA.

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Re: Why a crossbow?

Originally Posted by Double Lung 20
The advantages greatly outweigh the disadvantages. You will see many people making the switch in the next few years.
My opinion is the advantages slightly outweigh the disadvantages. Success rates in Ohio favor crossbows by 3%, in SC or Georgia, I believe, success rates favor compounds by the same margin.

IMO, when looking at traditional bows, compounds and crossbows, the advantages of compound versus traditional are far greater than crossbow versus compound. That must not be lost in the discussion.

I support all hunters, regardless of weapon or technique!
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Re: Why a crossbow?

I used to hunt alot with the vertical bow, but with some changes in work I never had the time for about 5 or 6 years. I was out of archery hunting all together. Well another change a couple of years ago in work allowed me to archery hunt again. I would have probably went back to the vertical bow, but with my son starting to hunt I decided to go the crossbow route for him. At 8 years old he wouldn't be able to draw back enough weight in a vertical bow in order to meet the minimum. A crossbow allows him alot more hunting opportunities. This by far was the best archery season that I have enjoyed mainly because he was hunting with me even after he tagged out. I really enjoy them and don't see me ever going back to the vertical bow. You can go to this thread to see some pics about why we enjoy them.


Traditions only last if you pass them down to your kids!
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Re: Why a crossbow?

I started in the 60's with a homemade longbow and cedar arrows. When the budget allowed, I purchased a Shakespeare recurve, and harvested my first couple of whitetails. After the Allen invention, I discarded the recurve and bought a Jennings Model T and never looked back!

That clunky compound and its three pins resulted in a nearly yearly supply of venison, but this began to lose its appeal at the end of the 80's, and I totally quit archery.

My son convinced me to get back to the early archery season, so I had a longbow built and began enjoying the practice, and the time afield once again.

In all this time, compound technology advanced, non-stop. And, in all this time, my ability to draw the longbow, became a frustrating and painful experience. Using a crossbow with the proper permit became an option, but I felt I would simply give up archery.

I bought a crossbow at the start of the three year sunset option, and enjoyed several evenings with my grand-daughter by my side. I have yet to harvest a deer with my crossbow, in fact the trigger has never been pulled.

The technological advances added to the modern compound made way for the inclusion of crossbows, and thousands of Pennsylvania hunters/archers appreciate this new-found fall season opportunity.

5C, 2G, 3D, 5B Life NRA, Life PFSC
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Re: Why a crossbow?

For me, it's just something different. I too have shot dozens with a vertical bow but am always looking to try soemthing different. That's it in a nutshell. It's a new system to learn.

Life's Too Short To Put A Price on Fun!!!
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